The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Legacy: One Boxing Fan’s Opinion of “Money” Mayweather

by zd

I consider myself one of the most critical analysts of Money Mayweather’s career, only because he has set the highest standards by calling himself the best ever.

I insist on calling him Money Mayweather because that’s the nickname that suits him the best. Like Shawn Combs, a.k.a puff daddy/ p. diddy/ diddy, he is about the second celebrity to successfully use multiple nicknames, and he just happens to be, IMO, one of the most overrated fighters of all time.

Now don’t jump up and start telling me what he has done, I know MM is a 5 division champ, BUT remember that Oscar de la Hoya has held 10 titles in 6 divisions and has not been called the best ever, none the less by himself, and let’s think who did MM beat along the way?.

MM beat a veteran washed up superfeatherweight champion Genaro Hernandez (who had been beat by Oscar de la Hoya 2 years before via 6th round TKO) who was without a doubt a good champion, who I would not dare call him at the least a very good, non the less a great superfeatherweight champion, because he can’t be mentioned in the same breath as Alexis Arguello, Bobby Chacon, Azumah Nelson, Julio Cesar Chavez, Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Salvador Sanchez, and Willie Pep for that matter, just to mention a few of who my historical knowledge allows me to.

Again, I’m being critical of his opposition because of the standards he made for himself by saying he IS the best ever.

The next big fighter he faced was Diego “Chico” Corrales, who was more of an exciting fighter than a good fighter, Chico only had 3 big wins in his carrer (IF they can be called big) against Casamayor (which he lost two fights against), Arcelino Freitas ( who lost 3 fights later to Juan Diaz), and a classic war against Jose Luis Castillo, which that’s the fight everybody remembers him by (one of the most thrilling fights ever).

The next big name that pop’s out of MM resume is Carlos “El famosito” Hernandez, who did nothing in the sport but win a IBF superfeather title 2 times against a nobody, and Steve “2 pound” Forbes, then loose against everybody he ever faced including a washed up Kevin Kelly.

He eventually fought Jesus Chavez, who did nothing for the sport, then lost his first fight against Jose Luis Castillo, but officially won (via robbery), there is no shame in losing, every good fighter has lost a fight, but that’s what he insist of why he is better that “Sugar” Ray Robinson, that is an insult to anyone with boxing knowledge’s intelligence.

After that he beat DeMarcus Corley, a washed up/watered down Arturo Gatti, Carlos Baldomir who is a “C” class fighter, Zab Judah which has no big accomplishments after beating Cory Spinks and Junior Witter, since he has lost or some how ruined every big fight he has been on, and finally a washed up/part time boxer, Oscar de la Hoya, who I believe he would have lost to if they would have fought anywhere near Oscar’s prime. After that he beat England’s very own (jr.welter) Ricky Hatton.

So, after all of those accomplishments he desides to retire and call himself one of the best ever (Yeah right).

You see, MM is one of America’s most prestigious marketing market products. America is a country which is accustomed to making legends, to try and make other countries believe that they are the best and have the best athletes in every sport (this opinion coming from an American like myself) America is the mainstream capital of boxing, and like anybody that indulges homerism, we think highly of our athletes, in this case boxing, and boost their abilities.

MM is nothing but a great defensive boxer who retired BEFORE proving he could do more with his “God given abilities” than he really did. He was the best product that Top Rank has ever made, they brought him up so carefully and took so much care of him, then when they were ready to make serious money with him, he just left them faster than a bad habit, and that’s why Bob Arum will always take cheap shots at him when ever he had the chance.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt the skill that Floyd Mayweather possesses, but he could have taken risks and stop running his mouth the way he did, he never faced anyone at anytime that had a chance to beat him, except for Castillo, who actually beat him. And did nothing but hurt the sport towards the end of his career.

MM could have been one of the best ever, if he would have been willing to take risks, like the rest of the hungry legends did before him, and now all that is left is a bunch of possibilities, doubts, and fights that never actually happened.


2 responses to “The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Legacy: One Boxing Fan’s Opinion of “Money” Mayweather

  1. You sound like a bitter hater, while you spent an hour typing this shit up, you should’ve spent an hour doing something productive instead of doing so much hating lol… Mayweather is the best of this era, and boxing isn’t the same without him, and that’s that.

  2. Yeah, it’s a sad day in boxing for sure. That second Pryor fight was one of the best ever – too bad he lost though.

    Anyway, did you hear that they are investigating the possibility of foul play with his death? You can click my name to get the details.

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