The Standing 8 Count

by Madcow

Welcome to me! I will be writing a weekly column here for the Blue Corner so double-check all your protective gear and brace yourself because I pull no punches:

One thing you should know is that Madcow loves boxers who can actually box and that’s what I got this Saturday in Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Joel Casamayor. All you brawlers who fight like you’re swinging frying pans and all you feather-fisted track stars, find a copy of this fight and study it because its not too often that you see professional fighters in a professional boxing match.

Congrats to JM Marquez, but if I may add a touch of reality- The Ring Magazine Title is NOT a real world championship. Golden Boy should get over themselves and realize that their belts are a nice touch for their magazine, but carry about as much validity as the fiction writing contest in Playboy Magazine.

Joan Guzman, do us all a favor and take all your nicknames and your salsa dance moves, pack them up in a nice little suitcase and go away. When you move up in weight, have a year to stay in shape and still show up almost 4 pounds overweight, you obviously don’t want to be a boxer. Go work on your dance moves and leave the fighting to the guys who really want it…and while you’re at it, please take “Mr. 83 punches landed in a 12 round fight,” Sergio Mora, with you.

A special thanks to Vernon Forrest for doing something to Mora that his Mom should’ve done a long time ago- hit him hard and often.

Following such a testosterone-loaded dispaly of manliness against Miguel Cotto, “The Tijuana Tornado,” Antonio Margarito has proven himself to be little more than a burst of hot air. With the Welterweight division clearly at his command, Margarito has opted to sit out the rest of 2008, fight a tune-up fight in early 2009 and then go for a rematch with Cotto in June. After a career filled with whining about being ducked and about getting weak paydays, he has decided to avoid high-risk rematches with Joshua Clottey and Paul Williams in what would’ve been the best paydays of his career by far- not to mention key fights for the 147 lb. division. Instead, he will fight a rematch with a guy he already beat decisively. Its got to make you think that “Cintron vs. Margarito 3” can’t be too far behind.

With his personal handcuffing of the best division in boxing, I’m pushing to change Margarito’s nickname from “The Tijuana Tornado” to something more fitting, like, “The Tijuana Burrito Fart.”

What exactly happened to the European Boxing scene? Amir Khan gets blown out in 54 seconds by Breidis Prescott, a fighter barely good enough to be a last minute substitute on ESPN2; Carl Froch continues to call out Mikkel Kessler while Kessler is doing his best to enter the witness protection program; David Haye calls for the head of Wladimir Klitschko or any top 10 Heavyweight and will end up fighting Kevin “Fists of Cotton” Johnson; and from the looks of Ricky Hatton on Saturday’s PPV, he’s more likely to eat Paulie Malignaggi than knock him out. Are you sure this is the continent that gave birth to Nigel Benn?

Joe Calzaghe has begun to talk his usual trash as his fight with Roy Jones Jr. on November 8th gets closer. Now, let the Madcow confirm something- Calzaghe is looking to secure his place in history by beating a 39 year old guy who hasn’t beaten a ranked fighter since 2003? Almost as silly as looking for respect by fighting a 43 year old Middleweight who had gone 2 and 2 in his last 4 or staging a “Mega Fight” with a certain Viking Warrior who had literally no world-class names on his record.

Food for thought until next Sunday- Oscar De la Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao: Is anyone really buying this as legit or is this Madcow just waaaaayyy out of the loop?

See ya when I sees ya.


3 responses to “The Standing 8 Count

  1. Out of the top 10, light-fisted or not, I’ll take Kevin Johnson as the David Haye opponent. At least it’s somebody–finally!

  2. I’ve read Eddie Chambers somewhere else.

  3. Yeah. Jumped the gun on that one. Lesson learned: no comment on the Haye opponent until he/she/it climbs through the ropes on 15th of November.

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