The Standing 8 Count (9/28/08)

by Madcow

Hide your daughters and lock up the liquor cabinet because your buddy, Madcow, is back once again.

David Haye finally settled on Monte Barrett as an opponent for his date in Mid-November. Haye’s secret to having a successful run at Heavyweight is easy- don’t get hit…ever. If Haye can go the rest of his career without getting hit, he should have a nice run with the big boys. If he gets hit at some point, he will become forever known as Amir Khan Sr. If marginally powerful Cruiserweights were able to crumble his potato chip chin, imagine what a guy like Klitschko or Peter could do. The good news is that either Barrett or nis next opponent will knock Haye out, so this charade won’t go on too much longer.

What do HBO and The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas have in common? Both have sold out for the Golden Boy. Oscar De la Hoya‘s Goliath vs. David’s smaller Asian brother bout with Manny Pacquiao sold out the 16,000 seat arena in about a day. That sounds impressive until you realize that in Vegas reality often gets twisted- Mama Mia!, the cancer-causing ABBA musical at the Mandalay Bay, is the #1 show and a perennial sell-out in Sin City.

Marco Antonio Barrera, who just signed a 5-fight deal with Don King in a comeback attempt, is putting together a team to handle his fights. There’s no truth to the rumor that his team will consist of a mortician, a grave digger and 4 pallbearers.

Shane Mosley KO’d Ricardo Mayorga with one second left in their fight. However, the big story here is the way a skill-less, goon like Mayorga was able to keep the fight as close as he did. Up until the first knockdown in the 12th, this was an even fight. This doesn’t bode well for Mosley’s chances in a shot against Antonio Margrito. You have to believe that there were several messages from Bob Arum on Jin Mosley‘s answering machine when she got home.

What’s the over/under on how many big fights a bloated Stevie Forbes will lose before he either stops getting tv time or goes back to 140 lbs. where he belongs?

Andre Berto reminds me of a little leaguer trying way too hard to impress his daddy sitting in the bleachers.

Edgar Sosa retained his WBC Jr. Flyweight Title against Sonny Boy Jaro on Saturday night. I’m sorry, but I just can’t get too hyped about watching boxers who weigh less than my usual lunch order. The little guys remind me of cute little smurfs and I just can’t stand to see the li’l guys get hurt. Maybe if they would paint themselves blue and fight with novelty, over-sized gloves the tiny guys would be more interesting. Or let Oscar have at ’em and clear out everybody below Flyweight.

Paul Williams beat a Middleweight punching bag on Thursday night. I don’t know what was more painful to watch, Williams jack Andy Kolle‘s jaw or Versus trying to fill a 2 hour show when their two main events lasted a total of 4 rounds.

Joe Calzaghe finally vacated his WBO Super Middleweight Title this week. Now if we could only convince him to relinquish the other title in his possesion that he has no intention of defending.

Rumor Mill: Sources have informed me that IBF Strawweight Champ Raul Garcia has been reported missing. The last person to come into contact with him was a very hungry-looking Chris Arreola.

I’ll see all you degenerate fight fans next Sunday. Until then, keep your hands up, your chin down and the wife away from your little black book.


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