Monthly Awards- September ’08

Fighter of the Month:

Juan Manuel Marquez- Not only was JMM the first person to knock out wiley veteran Joel Casamayor, but he moved up in weight to do so. Marquez is a natural Super Featherweight and there was some concern as to Marquez’s ability to handle such a step up- There’s no concern any longer. What makes the Marquez story so inspiring is that JMM is not the most naturally gifted of athletes- He’s not abnormally quick or strong, he has become one of the Pound 4 Pound greats through hard work and by perfecting his craft. He is truly an inspiration for any Boxing fan. Best of all, Marquez is a fighting champ and there’s no doubt that he will look to make the best fight available…and that’s why the BTBC salutes him!


Bum of the Month:

Joan Guzman- Guzman did what has seldom been done- outgrow a weight class before ever fighitng in it. He moved up to Lightweight to receive the rather undeserved gift of a title shot against multiple belt-holder, Nate Campbell, and failed to make weight. Within two weeks of the date of the fight Guzman and his people knew that the possibility of making weight was becoming less and less. Instead of pulling out and allowing for a last-minute non-title substitute for Campbell, he waited until literally minutes before the televised Showtime broadcast to finally call it off. Not only did Guzman’s lazy dishonesty rob the fans of a good fight, but he also cost the much-deserving Campbell a nice payday.


Boxing Times Thread of the Month:

Mosley talking Margarito, but must get past garrulous Mayorga first

– Started by Justfish1

There’s nothing like a nice discussion about the Welterweight division to kick up a heated debate. This award isn’t just for the most viewed thread with the most replies. It goes to the thread the most represents, for good and bad, the types of conversations we like to have on our Boxing Times Blue Corner forum.

Check it out and register if you want to be part of Boxing’s best Pound 4 Pound fan forum:


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