The Standing 8 Count (10/19/08)

by Madcow

Well, what can this crazed farmyard animal say about what Bernard Hopkins did to Kelly Pavlik last night? This was was such a complete and total boxing clinic that even I find myself unable to find the words. This fight brings up the question of whether Hopkins will ever retire. Think about it- in 55 pro fights over more than 2 decades have you ever even seen B-Hop with as much as a welt under his eye?  I’d hate to come across the man bad enough to retire The Executioner.

Man, the old guy was beating up on that kid so bad, I was tempted to call Child Protective Services…

But Hooray for us old guys! Maybe now this middle-aged columnist will get the respect he deserves when he walks into his neighborhood gym with his massive beer gut and Cheetoh-stained fingers. Don’t mess with us old-timers!

Inspired by Hopkins’ masterful performance, I put together a list of active geezers who are still kicking ass and taking names. So, without further delay, here’s Madcow’s Top 10 Geezers:

1. Bernard Hopkins (43): It goes without saying. The guy may have losses on his record, but he has never been dominated and, last night, he beat a 26 year old Pound 4 Pound guy. Think about it- Hopkins has beaten Howard Eastman, Antonio Tarver, Winky Wright and, now, Kelly Pavlik- all after his 40th birthday. Look up the word “bad-ass” in Webster’s and you’ll find a picture of B-Hop.

2. Nate Campbell (36): The guy beat  Juan Diaz, the great Mexican-American Lightweight wunderkind- in Mexico! And not only did he beat him, but he beat him up. Campbell was brought in as a faded ex-champ to be fed to Diaz, the ferocious Lion, but “The Galaxy Warrior” manned-up and showed the difference between a powerful kid and a strong man. Here’s hoping Campbell can get some money fights soon.

3. Vernon Forrest (37): The Viper’s still got some moves and is still the class at 154 until someone proves otherwise…and how can you not love a guy who beat the snot out of Sergio Mora?

4. Glen Johnson (39): Before showing this guy the door, remember that he holds victories over Roy Jones, Antonio Tarver and Clinton Woods…and he nearly upset Chad Dawson. What’s more scary is the fact that he’s shown no signs of slowing down.

5. James Toney (40): While “Lights Out” would be a long-shot to beat any of the reigning Heavyweight champs, there is nobody in the division who knows more about Boxing than him and he’d be a tough fight for anyone in the top 20. The guy’s fighting 10 years and 4 weight classes past his prime- and still a threat!

6. Joel Casamayor (37): Before writing this old geezer off, remember this is the same guy who slapped around the much younger and stronger Michael Katsidis in the fight prior to the Marquez fight. Also, you need to remember that his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez was as tight as could be right up until the very end. This Cuban’s not going to just fade away.

7. Antonio Tarver (39): He put in a respectable performance against a prime, energized Chad Dawson and is about as fresh as a 39 year old can be. He’ll be back at, or near, the top soon.

8. Verno Phillips (38): You can’t get more blue-collar than Phillips. He’s toiled in obscurity for so long, but has always been a smart, exciting fighter on the cusp of world-class. Now, he’s champ again and will hopefully make some money in his next fight against Paul Williams on HBO. The Williams fight looks like the end of the line for Phillips, but I’ll never forget the guy who made Cory Spinks disappear.

9. Gerry Penalosa (36) : 36 years old is ancient in “Little Man Years.” Heck, that’s like 92 in normal human years! But you gotta love the guy for calling out the next big thing, Juan Manuel Lopez. I hope he gets that one last big payday before one of the young bucks take him out.

10. Oscar De la Hoya (35): I struggled with the last spot, but eventually gave it to Oscar. To give the credit he’s due- When he’s not fighting Dorf on Boxing or recording ear-splitting Latin Pop albums, the guy can still box and could still be the best Jr. Middleweight in the world.

So, there’s my list of Boxing’s Top 10 Geezers. I need to take a nap now…

See ya when I sees ya!


4 responses to “The Standing 8 Count (10/19/08)

  1. Nice list (and nice blog). I’ve been grappling with the Hopkins victory as well. The way he beat Pavlik is what has stunned me the most.

  2. I heard Vitali Klitschko was calling “bull” on Madcow for not including James Toney and not him.
    “Baby wee is good because it’s pure, doesn’t contain toxins and doesn’t smell,” said Klitschko.
    “Madcow, on the other hand, is bad because he’s impure, full of poisonous bile and smells like what comes out of my baby son’s other end. Boxers, do not wrap your hands in baby doo-doo.”

  3. Nice list except you dont feature the last guy to beat Hopkins who is older than DLH – Joe Calzaghe. Lest we forget he’s 37 in January I think.

  4. I agree with the list. Keep Calzaghe off. He has fought horrible comp throughout his career. Nothing close to what B-HOP has accomplished.
    Good Job Madcow

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