The Standing 8 Count (10/26/08)

by Madcow

Before I begin this very special, extra spooooky Halloween edition of the Standing 8 Count, I just want to climb on my soapbox and talk a little about the fight this last Friday between Lucian Bute and Librado Andrade.

There was no way Andrade was getting back to the States with that belt. The ref, the crowd and the judges were going to prevent any sort of title change and Andrade didn’t make things any easier for himself by waiting so late before coming on strong. But all this leads to a greater issue: The screw jobs foreign fighters get when fighting outside their home country, especially in Europe, Asia and, now, Europe Light- Canada.

If you’re an American or Latin American fighter fighting outside your country, you will get screwed…and screwed in the most blatant and obscene ways.

That’s why I’m pushing for a moratorium on any fighters taking the long trip to challenge for a title overseas. My recommendation for those fighters thinking of travelling abroad is to stay at home where you’ll get a fair shot or accept the fact that you will lose, no matter how much you deserve to win.

Say what you will about the good, ol’ U, S of A, but we are definitely more hospitable and fair-minded when it comes to foreign fighters coming to our country to challenge for titles. Until we get that same courtesy extended to us when we fight abroad, we should just stay home.

Ok, I’m off the soapbox…

Now, gather close kiddies and enjoy our first annual Halloween Special:

Straight from the virus-ridden e-mail account of one of my alcoholic sources, I just got sent a list of Boxers and their Halloween, trick or treat costumes this year. I thought I’d share them with ya, so here it goes:

Sam Peter:Dracula…Because he sucks…blood.

Bernard Hopkins: A Ghostbuster…Get it? Ghost buster? Ha! I kill myself!

Kelly Pavlik: The Mummy. All he’d have to do to master the Mummy step is watch his Hopkins fight tapes.

Winky Wright: The Invisible Man…Where is he? Spooky!

Ivan Calderon: One of those cute little monsters from the movie, Gremlins. Remember, don’t get Calderon wet and NEVER feed him after midnight!

Vic Darchinyan: Yosemite Sam.. because he’s going to look as ridiculous chasing Cristian Mijares as Yosemite Sam looked trying to chase down Bugs Bunny.

Wladimir Klitschko: Frankenstein. Maybe now that his fight with Alexander Povetkin is postponed, he can invite Povetkin trick or treating, slap a bee-hive wig on his future foe and call him the Bride of Frankenstein.

David Haye: Amir Khan…’nuff said.

Lucian Bute: Houdini…for being able to escape the Andrade fight with the title.

Referee Marlon B. Wright: The crooked cop from the Godfather, you know, the one who got shot in the restaurant by Michael Corleone…or some other paid-off official.

Paul Williams: Mr. Salty, that lovable pretzel guy.

Nikolay Valuev, Librado Andrade and Antonio Margarito: The cast from the movie, “Quest for Fire.”

And, of course, James Toney: Jabba The Hut. Toney’s going with the Star Wars theme after last year’s successful Big Mama costume from the movie, Big Mama’s House.

Ok, that’s all for this week. I have to stuff my face with miniature Crunch bars and fun packs of M&M’s. Hopefully there’ll be enough for the kiddies when they knock on my fortified bunker this Friday….

Happy Halloween…and watch out for all the little goblins and baby Madcows that go bump in the night…Oooohhhhh…Spooooooky…


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