Mijares vs. Darchinyan: The Art of War

by Paul Magno

The list of Mexican ring legends is long and impressive. From Olivares to Chavez to Barrera, Mexico has produced some of the greatest warriors to ever step foot in the ring. This generation also has its share of Mexican legends in the making. Names like Marquez and Vazquez come to mind as heirs apparent and right behind them is Cristian Mijares, the slick southpaw world titlist who is one of Boxing’s few unified champs.

If Mijares were 30 lbs heavier he would be setting the world on fire, but as a 115 lb Super Flyweight, his fame has been slow in coming. Most fight fans know Mijares more for his inclusion on most legitimate pound 4 pound list than for his actual fights. But Mijares has earned his respect the old fashioned way- by fighting. Mijares’ drive is to beat the best and earn his place among the elite Mexican legends…and he’s well on his way to doing it. The names on his resume speak for themselves: Arce, Muñoz, Navarro, Kawashima…

On November 1st, in the Home Depot Center, the Mexican contingent in Southern California will turn out in full force to see Mijares earn his place among their legends.

Vic Darchinyan, the Armenian Raging Bull, doesn’t care at all about any of that. Darchinyan is built for destruction, designed for war, and that’s the way he goes about living his ring life. History and legend status be damned, he just wants to beat guys up.

“It doesn’t matter where I fight him. I’ll fight him anywhere. I’ll fight him in Mexico. After the first round the Mexican crowd will be silent. There will be nothing for them to cheer about. I don’t mind coming in being the bad guy,” said the reigning IBF champ. “They said Mijares is pound-for-pound the best fighter out there, but after I get finished with him we’ll see what number he is. I’m going to give a lesson to the little boy.”

Even in his sole loss, to Filipino Nonito Donaire at Flyweight, Darchinyan went out swinging, ready to rumble almost as soon as he was counted out. Just 3 months after that loss, Darchinyan was back in the ring and, shortly after that, was fighting tough Filipino prospect, Z Gorres to a draw- in the Phillipines. A little more than a year following his loss to Donaire, he went about tearing apart and stopping Dimitri Kirilov in 5 to capture the vacant IBF Super Flyweight title.

This Saturday, November 1st, fans watching Showtime will be treated to a very rare win-win situation. They will either see a tactical Boxing clinic and the coronation of one of Mexico’s next legends or they will be treated to a bloody war of attrition.

Don’t let their size fool you…This has all the makings of a classic. The Art of War, indeed.

For TV times, as well as a chance to make your prediction for this Saturday’s Mijares/Darchinyan fight, check out The Blue Corner- Pound 4 Pound, Boxing’s Best Forum: http://boxingtimes.com/bluecorner/index.php


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