Monthly Awards- October ’08

Fighter of the Month:

Bernard Hopkins– This was an obvious choice. No other fighter was as dominant in a big fight this month and no other victory was less likely. The 43 year old Executioner outclassed and easily beat a 26 year old phenom while showing class and dignity during the entire event. This should serve as a notice to the legion of Hopkins’ critics- Never count out the old pro and never underestimate the importance of actually learning the art of Boxing.

I sincerely hope that the revisionist historians of the sport don’t start downplaying Hopkins’ win as a defeat of an overrated, crude one-dimensional puncher. The fact of the matter is that every respected Pound 4 Pound list had Pavlik in their Top 10…and many had them in their Top 5.

So, what’s next for Hopkins? Whatever he wants…Who’s gonna tell him “no?”


Bum of the Month:

Samuel Peter– Here’s a guy who was punked out at every opportunity during the promotion of his bout with Vitali Klitschko. He was disrespected and made to look like the 10th ranked challenger instead of the reigning WBC World Heavyweight Champ. The German press made it seem that the fight was just a formality, that it was just a matter of Vitali stepping into the ring to claim his title.

The stage sure seemed to be set for the entrance of one enraged Samuel Peter. However, instead of the “Nigerian Nightmare,” we got more of a sleepy daydream as Peter plodded his way through 8 losing rounds and then quit on his stool after the WBC’s open scoring system made it known that he was way behind on the scorecards.

Being outclassed is one thing and a point could certainly be made that Klitschko was just a much better fighter, but Peter didn’t even try. It was a disgraceful effort from a reigning world champ.


Boxing Times Thread of the Month:

Who beats Floyd out of today’s fighters?

-Started by PBD

Love him or hate him, there are few figures in Boxing who provoke a greater response than Floyd Mayweather. This was a thread about how well today’s top fighters would do against an active Mayweather.

To be honest, this was the toughest choice for this month’s awards. There were almost too many choice threads to choose from.

Check out our board and register if you want to be part of Boxing’s best Pound 4 Pound fan forum:


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