To Fans and Friends of the Boxing Times Blue Corner

When the old Boxing Times website put up their forum, The Blue Corner, many of us fans of the site and fans of John Gregg’s podcast registered with the hope of having a forum made in the image of Mr. Gregg himself- fair, even-tempered and civil. We registered with the hope of finding a place to talk Boxing that wasn’t full of the same internet tough guys who plague so many other boards. We indeed found a home; a place where we wouldn’t have to endure flame wars and silly ramblings from people who enjoyed their own posts more than the sport itself.

When I was named administrator of said forum, I was intent on continuing the tone of civility and fair play- even against my worst argument-loving instincts. Along the way, with the input of the regulars on the board, we built the Boxing Times Blue Corner into ,what I consider to be, the best Boxing forum around. All of this with the gracious permission of John Gregg and Mike Rouan, who continued to host the forum despite having shut down the website.

However, due to legal issues, our forum can no longer be hosted on the Boxing Times website. This was inevitable and something that I was preparing for eventually. Therefore, we will be packing our things and moving our board to another location- a move that will be very beneficial to us as we expand and make improvements to both the board and our blog.

Our new board will have all of the same features that we currently enjoy, plus a few new ones such as an integrated live chat and better tech support to prevent the outages we used to endure in our old home. Nothing will be any different: same lay-out, same boards, same features.

So, this is not an ending at all, just a move. What will be ending, however, is our formal relationship with John Gregg and Mike Rouan and The Boxing Times. I cannot express my gratitude to them for affording us this opportunity and allowing us to keep it going long after their website was a thing of the past. In providing us this opportunity, they have helped keep the sport of Boxing on the minds of hundreds of registered forum members.

I believe that we at the BTBC are headed for bigger things, but even if we only end up being a few dozen hardcore fans talking about and debating Boxing- Then, The Boxing Times crew did enough. We are happy to have found each other and even through the heated debates, we are better for the interactons we have had with one another.

A special thanks to Mike Rouan, our tech guru, who literally kept the board from blowing up. Mike, although off the clock, never denied my urgent e-mails for help at odd hours of the day and night. Even now, he has graciously offered to archive our old board so that we can have a place online to look back on our old posts and debates.

So, to fans and friends of The Boxing Times Blue Corner, I want to welcome you to our new home this Monday, the 17th of November and I hope that each and every member of our old forum takes the time to register for an account on the new board. I also hope that some new members who read this blog and would also appreciate an intelligent place to talk Boxing will join up.

For early registration, click here: I suggest you registering your screen name now, before it slips your mind.

The name of our new board will be “The BTBC” and, at least for the time-being, you will still be able to access the new board by typing into your web browser. However, the official url of the new board will be:

Come on in and look around. Starting Monday, the 17th:

  • New threads will be added
  • A new board champion may be crowned
  • The TV listing will be updated
  • The Hatton vs Malignaggi Official Prediction Thread Will Be Up
  • We will begin the process of putting together a new Pound 4 Pound list
  • We will announce a new, improved way of viewing free PPV events
  • And a few other surprises!

Until then, keep posting in our normal board and as of midnight, November 17th, we will hopefully all switch over.

I’ll see you there!




2 responses to “To Fans and Friends of the Boxing Times Blue Corner

  1. I sure will be there paul, and the only regret I have, is not finding you guys sooner, the BTBC is the best forum, and the only place where I can disscus about my favorite sport, “the sweet science”…thanks a lot man, I apreciate what you do for us!..

  2. I’ll be there to.

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