Big Bad Chad: “The Light Heavyweight’s Worst Nightmare”

by Gary Fisher (aka Justfish1)

dawson1With everybody talking about Calzaghe’s big win against an over-the-hill shot fighter Roy Jones and Hopkins’ win over a young, over-his-best-weight class Pavlik, everybody is forgetting about a sensation who’s been fighting in both guys’ shadow the last couple of years: “Bad”Chad Dawson.

That’s right, you heard me, Bad Chad Dawson. While both Calzaghe and Hopkins have been dishing up some extra cash the last few years, Dawson’s been cleaning up the Light Heavyweight Division. Dawson has beaten the best in the division. He’s beaten Thomas Adamek, Glen Johnson and has beaten-down Antonio Tarver. So what about giving a Dawson a shot at making some noise and giving us die hard boxing fans a fight or two we BOXING-BRITAIN-US-CALZAGHE-HOPKINSwould love to see?

Dawson v.s Calzaghe would be awesome to see but we all know Calzaghe is probably visiting Felix “Tito” Trinidad in Puerto Rico to discuss a possible comeback or maybe Joe is visiting a couple of boxing clubs in Wales somewhere looking for the next club fighter to add to his legendary resume of fighter so he can continue to toot his own horn. Joe, do us a favor and instead of showing up at all the big boxing events and sticking your face in all the cameras and telling everybody that you deserve more respect than what’s been given to you, “Fight Dawson”. If I’m not mistaken Dawson is calling you out.

Then we have Bernard Hopkins who is so worried about making an extra buck and so worried about everybody hopkins3doubting him every time he fights somebody. So give us what we want and finally shut up all the critics and go out with a bang. Don’t get me wrong, Hopkins has been having everybody eat their words. Yeah, he beat Pavlik convincingly, No doubt, but let’s be honest- Pavlik was 10 pounds over his normal weight class and yes I’m with him, I think he beat Calzaghe but let’s not fool ourselves, let’s take a trip down the lack luster resume of Calzaghe. Yes I know I got sick to my stomach too when I looked at it myself. So, Bernard, put the icing on the cake and fight the Light Heavyweights’ worst nightmare.

I know some of you guys that are reading the blog right now are fuming, Let’s be honest we’ve paid lots of money to watch these guys in action and I think Joe and Bernard owe us diehard fight fans the fight we all want to see. So, Joe and Bernard, do us a favor and fight the Light Heavyweights’ worst nightmare: “Bad” Chad Dawson.


3 responses to “Big Bad Chad: “The Light Heavyweight’s Worst Nightmare”

  1. Clay aka frijoli

    I like Chad, but you better go back and look at the Glen Johnson fight. Chad didn’t win that one no matter what the judges say. A rematch is in order and let him beat him correctly.


    • I disagree. I saw the figt at least 3 times, there was no way that Dawson lost that time.


      A good fight and worthy of a rematch, but Dawson won.

  2. Clay…Dawson beat Johnson solidly. Sure, Johnson wobbled him, but that doesn’t cancel the fact that Dawson won all of the early rounds and even came back to finish off well.

    116-112, Dawson

    I wouldn’t be against seeing a rematch, but it isn’t a “must.”

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