The Standing 8 Count (11/30/08)

by Madcow

Paul Williams did what he had to do last night and took out 39 year old 3-time champ Verno Phillips and he did it in a way that would put to shame some of the tougher guys in his weight range. C’mon guys, fight madcow11this kid and lets see if he’s really the real deal. Otherwise, we’ll have to deal with a chorus of “callings out” and plethora of ducking accusations and one vacated title after another as Williams jumps around looking for a decent payday.

The belt that Williams won last night was the WBO Interim Jr. Middleweight Title, which begs the question: Why did the WBO need an interim title? I thought an interim title was when the actual champ was hurt and unable to defend his belt for an extended period of time. Sergiy Dzinziruk is the full-blown WBO 154 lb. champ and has been defending is belt just fine, most recently, against Joel Julio just two weeks ago. Oh wait, the X-mas season is approaching and the pigs in the WBO front office must’ve needed some more sanctioning slop to feed their fat little piggies at home.

Speaking of little pigges, the undercard last night featured Chris “A Buffet’s Nightmare” Arreola as he pummeled hopeless Travis Walker into Boxing’s equivalent of left-over Thanksgiving stuffing. This fight resembled the wedding night with my first wife- a little over 6 minutes of ultimately unsatisfying action between two sweaty, homely behemoths.

Looking back, my first wife and Arreola share a couple of things in common: A train-wreck face and a pair of not-so-perky Double D’s.

Oscar De la Hoya went on record this week as saying that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be looked down upon because “He never took risks.” This would carry a lot more weight if it weren’t coming from someone on the verge of fighting somebody 3 weight classes smaller than him in what he’s trying to peddle as the defining fight of his career.

Speaking of the Duck that Lays the Golden Eggs- “The Dream Match” with Manny Pacquiao is coming this Saturday with an asking price of 55 bucks. I have nothing to say about the fight itself, but if this fraud sells more than a million pay per views, the recession should be officially cancelled. 55 bucks! Man, that’ll get you two “round the world” sessions and a Big Mac Meal at the Manilla McDonalds. You’d still get screwed for the 55 dollars, but it’ll be a fun screwing.

Carl Froch and Jean Pascal will be fighting next Saturday as well. They’ll be going for the WBC Super Middleweight title. For those unfamiliar with Froch and Pascal- Froch has patterned his style after Tommy Hearns and Pascal seems to have tried to emulate Roy Jones. So, just imagine a prime Hearns against a prime Jones…just much, much suckier.

The winner of Froch and Pascal has to fight #1 contender Jermain Taylor. In my humble opinion, the best 168 pounder was already determined a couple of weeks ago when Taylor beat the remaining one-dimension out of Jeff Lacy.

Vic Darchinyan went on a tirade this week and really let future opponent,  Jorge Arce, have it. Among the many things he said was that Mexicans bounce nicely off the canvas and that Arce had to buy his cowboy hats in a toy store. Funny stuff and I’m the last one to chastise someone for trash talking, but Darchinyan better hope that Arce’s best days are behind him.

As Hasim Rahman prepares for his title shot against Wladimir Klitschko on the 13th, he should be getting all his things together. Travel kit? Check. Gloves and Wraps? Check. Two pairs of comfortable boxing shoes? Check. Notification of next of kin and changes in living will?

Ok, I’m off to see a man about a horse…Ok, not really. I have to take a crap.

See ya when I sees ya.


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