Monthly Awards- November ’08

Fighter of the Month:

Vic Darchinyan- The heavy-handed Armenian buzzsaw was an oddity, a curiosity. He had a nice run as IBF Mijares Darchinyan BoxingFlyweight champ- over two and a half years to be exact, but after being knocked senseless by Nonito Donaire in July of ’07, it was safe to say that maybe we had seen the last of Vic Darchinyan as a serious player.

Darchinyan went about his business, winning a couple of tune-ups, then drawing with Filipino star Z Gorres (in the Philippines!) and finally beating tough veteran Dimitri Kirilov for the vacant IBF Super Flyweight Title. When the opportunity arose to unify titles against reigning WBC and WBA world champ and Pound for Pound darling, Cristian Mijares, Darchinyan jumped at the chance.

Few of the experts gave Darchinyan a chance against the slick southpaw and some downright laughed at the idea of the crude brawler being able to upset Mijares.

Among those who laughed was Mijares himself, who had the smuggest of smirks on his face throughout the pre-fight publicity, right up until the opening bell, even having to contain the giggles during the introductions and pre-fight instructions.

Once the fight started, Darchinyan helped cure Mijares’ case of the giggles and pummeled the reigning champ in a one-sided slaughter until the Mexican had nothing left in his battered body.

Darchinyan, in proving his critics wrong over 9 violent rounds, also made it clear that he wanted to keep proving them wrong. After the biggest win of his career, the new IBF, WBA and WBC Super Flyweight Champ, called out everyone remotely within his weight class. He’s currently scheduled to fight Mexican toughman Jorge Arce in early ’09.


Bum of the Month:

The Boxing Press- It’s one thing to turn a blind eye to the nonsense Oscar De la Hoya/Manny Pacquiao media2fight on the 6th of December, but to actively promote it by publishing every bogus piece of propaganda issued from both camps is just, plain irresponsible.

Where did the few, hard-nosed boxing writers go? Why did so many respectable sources of information: Fightnews, Maxboxing, Boxingscene- even ESPN suddenly begin to treat this con job as if Oscar were 8 years younger and Antonio Margarito had replaced Pacquiao?

The answer is simple- Their criticism dissipated as the Golden Boy and Top Rank advertising money started coming in, thus proving that not only do the promoters have the sanctioning bodies in their back pockets, but that the boxing press is right there alongside them.


Boxing Times Thread of the Month:

The Great Mayweather Debateblue-corner1

-Started by Paul Magno

Despite moving to a new board, the Mayweather debate continues as some of the BTBC’s resident Mayweather haters clash with some of the Mayweather defenders in an all-out battle for ultimate say on the life and times of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

To check out our new and improved board, just click here and dive right in:


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