Studs, Duds and Thuds: This Week in Boxing

by Paul Magno

In the last real week of competitive Boxing action in 2008, we’ll have a few interesting match-ups; Some have the potential to be quite good and, some, to be kind, do not.

Here’s a preview of a week of Studs, Duds and Thuds:


Steve Cunningham vs. Thomas Adamek: The Cruiserweights are Boxing’s Rodney Dangerfeld division- No cunningham-adamekpresserrespect; So close to the glory of Heavyweight, yet so far away in the eyes of the public. Here’s a chance to boost the division up a notch this Thursday on Versus with a contest featuring arguably the divison’s best boxer against the division’s toughest fighter.

Cunningham is the reigning IBF champ and has been fighting in Europe against some of the very best; Adamek is a dangeous challenger looking to follow up is stoppage of ex-champ O’Neil Bell with a title win. Two prime fighters with complimentary styles means a quality tussle on free TV.

Kendall Holt vs Demetrius Hopkins: While the previously scheduled Holt vs. Ricardo Torres Part 3 would’ve been a roller coaster, this bout is good for the fact that it will feature two talented and skilled boxers practicing their art with Holt’s world title in the balance. Kudos to Showtime for finding a repacement who is actually better than the previously booked fighter.

Andre Ward, Devon Alexander, Urbano Antillon: This week we’ll also get a chance to see televised bouts featuring these future stars. They’re all fighting stepping stone-type fighters, but we’ll get a good glimpse at 3 fighters who will be making their move in ’09.


James Toney vs. Fres Oquendo: This Versus Heavyweight main event was supposed to feature TonyThompson and Jame Toney  in a somewhat meaningful, crossroads fight between two veteran big men. Well, Thomspson pulled out and Fres Oquendo stepped. So the original fight, which promised to be a bit of a snoozer, suddenly becomes  less important and, with Oquendo aboard, the action promises to be just a bit less heated.

On the positive side, at least Versus didn’t just cancel the show outright, robbing us of the chance to see Andre Ward in the co-feature.



Wladimir Klitchko vs. Hasim Rahman: This Saturday afternoon encounter has the word “mismatch” written all over it. Rahman, substituting for the injured original opponent, AlexanderPovetkin, will be giving it his all in what has to be his last big chance at the sport’s top prize. Unfortunately, his “all” will not be enough to prevent him from “thudding” to the canvas. The only questions in this fight are whether Klitschko’s need to impress will override his caution and how long after Rahman gets tagged good will he go down.

The best thing to be said of this encouter is that it’s going to be aired live on HBO in the afternoon and won’t be competing with the other Heavyweight fight later on Versus.


All in all, a good week for us fans and a solid week with which to close out a solid 2008. For exact times , networks and dates check out the BTBC TV Boxing Schedule:


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