Monthly Awards- December ’08

Fighter of the Month:

Manny Pacquiao– A lot has been said about how Oscar De la Hoya lost their fight, but less and less is being said paq2about how the Pacman won it. Pacquiao fought the perfect fight against a naturally larger and stronger man. He used his speed and reflexes to freeze the Golden boy in his tracks and he used his hand speed to pummel an increasingly hapless De la Hoya. Whether Oscar was weight-drained or over-trained doesn’t matter. What matters is that Manny literally beat Oscar into submission in a fight almost everyone was expecting to be a mismatch in favor of De la Hoya.

For overcoming the odds and accepting the glory in his typical classy manner, The BTBC’s Fighter of the Month award goes to Boxing’s Pound 4 Pound Best, Manny Pacquiao.


Bum of  The Month:

Nikolai Valuev– The 7 ft. tall gentle giant against the 46-year old Evander Holyfield was supposed to be a valuev3mismatch…and it should’ve been because the first ballot Hall of Famer, Holyfield, fought a terrible and sluggish fight, befitting a 46 year old should-be-retired legend. Instead, Holyfield outboxed the reigning WBA Interm Champ with only a horrible judging  job preventing “The Real Deal” from extending his ride on the Heavyweight scene. Defending champ, Valuev, turned in the single most pathetic performance from a Heavyweight champ- Interim, Super, Regular or otherwise- in the history of the sport. Looking like a doped-up Bigfoot, Valuev literally stood around and did nothing for 95% of the fight, only occasionally pushing out a lazy jab to break the monotony of an extremely boring championship defense that someone had the nerve to try and sell via PPV.

Boxing needed this fight like the economy needs another bankrupt corporation.


The BTBC Thread of the Month:

Can Nazim Help Mosley Beat Margarito? blue-corner1

The topic of whether Bernard Hopkins’ trainer, Nazim Richardson, can help Shane Mosley beat Antonio Margarito was brought up, opening up a debate among the BTBC crew about the chance of an upset in 2009’s first major bout.

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