The BTBC Welterweight Rankings

The BTBC World Rankings are a new concept in Boxing ratings. Aimed at providing a real look at the top fighters in the game, the BTBC World Rankings combine the cold, mechanical accuracy of a formula-based system with the guiding human hand of common sense.

Our rankings are designed to compile an ordered representation of who is actively and currently the best in each divison by using the following criteria on top of a won-loss/quality of opposition formula:

*Only a fighter’s bouts within his given weight class will be counted towards his ranking. (For example, Shane Mosley’s ranking at Welterweight is solely based on his performances within that weight range- His work at Jr. Middle or Lightweight is not factored into his Welterweight ranking)

*Only bouts scheduled for 10 or 12 rounds are counted towards a fighter’s specific ranking.  This prevents fighters from getting inflated records from fighting easy 4 or 6 rounders as well as preventing young fighters from achieving a falsely high ranking.

*Only fights within a 3 year period will be considered when figuring out a fighter’s rankings. Rankings should be about who’s doing what right now and not what a fighter did 8 years ago. No coasting allowed when figuring out who the most deserving fighters are.

With Antonio Margarito vs. Shane Mosley about to take place and with Berto/Collazo happening last week, here’s a look at the current BTBC Welterweight Top 20:

1) Antonio Margarito: 37-5 (27 KO)

Wins: Manuel Gomez, Joshua Clottey, Golden Johnson, Kermit Cintron, Miguel Cotto

Losses: Paul Williams

Titles: WBO (2 defenses), IBF (0 defenses), WBA (0 defenses)

2) Miguel Cotto: 32-1 (26 KO)

Wins: Carlos Quintana, Oktay Urkal, Zab Judah, Shane Mosley, Alfonso Gomez

Losses: Antonio Margarito

Titles: WBA (4 defenses)

3) Paul Williams: 36-1 (27 KO)

Wins: Walter Matthysse, Sharmba Mitchell, Santos Pakau, Antonio Margarito, Carlos Quintana

Losses: Carlos Quintana

Titles WBO (2x) (0 defenses)

4) Andre Berto: 24-0 (19 KO)

Wins: Miguel Figueroa, Norberto Bravo, Martinus Clay, Cosme Rivera, David Estrada, Michel Trabant, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Steve Forbes, Luis Collazo

Losses: None

Titles: WBC (2 defenses)

5) Joshua Clottey: 35-2 (20 KO)

Wins: Richard Gutierrez, Shamone Alvarez, Zab Judah

Losses: Antonio Margarito

Titles: IBF (0 defenses)

6) Rafal Jackiewicz: 33-8-1 (18 KO)

Wins: David Sarraille, Joel Mayo, Nicolas Guisset, Jackson Bonsu, Jan Zaveck

Losses: None

Titles: EBU (European) (1 defense)

7) Carlos Quintana: 26-2 (20 KO)

Wins: Raul Bejarano, Joel Julio, Paul Williams

Losses: Miguel Cotto, Paul Williams

Titles: WBO (0 defenses)

8.) Jesus Soto Karass: 22-3-3 (16 KO)

Wins: Vince Phillips, Michel Rosales, Luciano Perez, Jose Antonio Ojeda, Chris Smith, David Estrada

Losses: None

Draws: Gilbert Venegas

Titles: None

9) Kermit Cintron: 30-2 (27 KO)

Wins: David Estrada, Mark Suarez, Walter Matthysse, Jesse Feliciano, Lovemore N´dou

Losses: Antonio Margarito

Titles: IBF (2 defenses)

10) Jackson Bonsu: 30-2 (23 KO)

Wins: Nordine Mouchi, Cristian De Martinis, Carlos Baldomir

Losses: Rafal Jackiewicz

Titles: EBU (European) (4 defenses)

11) Jan Zaveck: 25-1 (14 KO)

Wins: Joel Mayo, Andrei Yeskin, Nicolas Guisset, Albert Starikov

Losses: Rafal Jackiewicz

Titles: EBU (European) (0 defenses)

12) Shane Mosley: 45-5 (38 KO)

Wins: Luis Collazo

Losses: Miguel Cotto

Titles: None

13) Carlos Baldomir: 44-12-6 (13 KO)

14) Sebastian Lujan: 30-5-2 (20 KO)

15) Yuriy Nuzhnenko: 28-0-1 (13 KO)

16) Michael Jennings: 34-1 (16 KO)

17) Luis Collazo: 29-4 (14 KO)

18.) Cosme Rivera: 31-11-2 (22 KO)

19) Isaac Hlatshwayo: 28-1-1 (10)

20) Delvin Rodriguez: 23-2-2 (14 KO)

For the Complete Rankings of all 17 Divisions, Click Here:


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