The Standing 8 Count (2/1/09)

by Madcow

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the new Super Bowl Champions! What a play by Santonio Holmes!

Actually, in the sake of fairness, I sent in this column well before the Super Bowl and just left blank spaces for Paul tomadcow11 fill in when he posts this. I know nothing about football. Boxing is my first and only love. And unlike my personal life, I share my bed with no one but my true love.

In the ongoing story of Margarito’s loaded wraps, which will from now on be referred to as “Plaster Gate,” Antonio and his head trainer were temporarily suspended by the California Athletic Comission pending the results of their hearing on February 10th. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that any true Boxing fan should be pulling for the comission to find Margarito innocent because if the guy’s loaded up with plaster, it’ll be just another reason for the mainstream media to look down their noses at us. And, just speaking for myself, I’m tired of being looked down upon by a bunch of sports nerds.

In Guadalajara, Mexico, Marco Antonio Barrera had his hopes for a cash-money fight against Amir Khan dashed by a 1-7-1 fighter. In the 3rd round of a glorified sparring match, Cuban ham and egger, Freudis Rojas, charged Barrera and opened a gash over Barrera’s left eye. From the look of it, the cut’s not going to be anywhere near healed by the mid-March date with Khan.

On a related note, the award for Cock-blocker of the Year goes to the same Freudis Rojas for absolutely ruining a very interesting fight between Khan and Barrera. If I were Barrera or one of his guys I would’ve arranged for a very interesting “Goodfellows-style” post-fight meeting in the parking lot with Rojas.

Speaking of sheer brutality, Vic Darchinyan will be defending his 3 Super Flyweight titles against Jorge Arce on Showtime this coming Saturday. There’s no way this won’t be a brutal war. Expect blood…and lots of it.

Zab Judah must have an encyclopedia-sized collection of nude photos of every comissioner and official in the sport because it boggles the mind how many last chances this guy gets. There’s talk of Judah facing off against Carlos Quintana with the winner getting a shot at Andre Berto for the WBC Title. Somehow, I doubt that even another loss will stop Judah from getting another big fight. “Super Stupid” Judah is Boxing’s equivalent to Jason from Friday the 13th. You just can’t make the guy go away.

Jermain Taylor has finally settled on an opponent for his open date in March. Taylor will take on Allan Green instead of the logical choice, a WBC title shot against newly-crowned champ, Carl Froch.

Whatever happens to Froch in the future, never let it be said that he wasn’t looking to make good fights. He was ready and willing to fight Taylor in the UK or in the USA and it was Taylor who wouldn’t answer the call. Froch is already a step ahead of Joe Calzaghe at similiar stages of their careers.

Now that Ricky Hatton vs. Manny Pacquiao is signed and sealed, I can feel free to make a prediction. This will be a very good fight, a  poorly-bought PPV and a solid win for the Pac-man. Of course, all this means a mess at 140.

Showtime will be ruling the Boxing airwaves this weekend with the Darchinyan/Arce fight, a very good undercard bout of Kid Diamond vs. Antonio DeMarco and, on Friday, Andre Ward against Henry Buchanan.

If Ward gets by “Sugar Poo” Buchanan (What a nickname!), rumor has it that he’ll have a go at Glen Johnson next…That’s when the “Poo” will really hit the fan for Ward.

Well,  gotta load my jock with plaster and see if I can give some “lady friend” a Margarito-style beating.

Smell ya later.


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