The Standing 8 Count (2/15/09)

by Madcow

Hi Ladies! Your friendly neighborhood Madcow is not feeling so good right now. I picked up a stomach infection from madcow113eating at a taco stand outside a Tijuana strip club and now I feel like Cosme Rivera last night as he got pounded into cookie dough by Alfred Angulo. If there’s anyone doubting Angulo’s desire and drive, just look at what he did to a tough former world champ while bleeding from a gaping cut on his eyelid. “El Perro” is the very definition of a throwback fighter.

Speaking of being sick to my stomach, the Sergio Martinez / Kermit Cintron fight should be in all of the text books as an example of how NOT to officiate and score a professional prize fight. Referee Frank Santore Jr. is to officiating what a dog turd is to a birthday cake. The guy blew 2 key calls as he rightfully counted out Cintron at the end of the 7th and then allowed Kermit to whine his way back into the fight. Then, just to make sure Martinez was properly screwed, he deducted a point from the guy for an obviously unintentional punch to the back of the head that was partially caused by Cintron. But the fun didn’t end there. Even with the inept ref work of Santore, Martinez should’ve been firmly ahead, but SURPRISE! The judges scored it a Majority Draw. Martinez and the fans looked stunned, Cintron and his people kept complaining and I went to take a very appropriate infection-inspired dump.

I would like to dedicate my next tainted taco squirt to judges Ged O’Connor and Peter Trematerra for scoring the fight a ridiculous 113-113.

The main event of the card was the bout between Nate Campbell and Ali Funeka. Campbell had vacated his Lightweight titles the previous day by failing to make weight which meant that only Funeka had a chance of winning the titles in their bout- basically, a lose-lose situation for Campbell. Give it to Nate to somehow get a win from a lose-lose as he fought hard and toughed out some very difficult moments to get the nod. The highlight of the card was a dead-tired Campbell pushing himself forward to take the last 2 rounds of the bout, even scoring a knockdown in the 11th, to secure the decision. Jr. Welter is next for Campbell while Paul Williams/Celestino Caballero Avoidance Syndrome awaits Funeka.

Clinton Woods easily walked through Elvir Muriqi in the UK yesterday. Amazing, right? I thought Woods was retired too! The best part was that this was an IBF Light Heavyweight Eliminator. So, we have Chad Dawson/Clinton Woods to look forward to in late 2009!

Bob Arum is going around proclaiming the injustice of the Antonio Margarito ban. Arum’s case is that since trainer Javier Capetillo took all of the blame, that means that Margarito is innocent. Hey Arum, you’re a lawyer- What do most criminals say when they get busted with something illegal? “I don’t know how that got there!”

Arum’s indignant defiance and defense of justice has won him some noble allies- Jose Sulaiman of the WBC and Jorge Ramos, The Mayor of Tijuana. The last I checked, Tijuana was so corrupt that the Mexican government had to call in the army to protect the citizens from the police; The WBC is only slightly less corrupt.

Next up on our fight agenda is next week’s Kelly Pavlik/Miguel Cotto PPV, chock full of match ups that HBO wouldn’t buy. Isn’t there something energizing about being charged for something that Arum couldn’t even give away for free? It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside…

Oh wait, that warm and squishy feeling is fom the tainted tacos…So, until next time- Stay away from Tijuana strip club taco stands. Later.


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