The Standing 8 Count (3/15/09)

by Madcow

Ok…Finally! The Madcow is Back!

Why in the world does the BTBC express have to be held up if Magno goes on vacation? I mean, what kind of rinky-dink operation is this? Why can’t there be a Vice President to handle things when the big bossman is away? I’d offer to madcow11take the post myself but power goes to my head and next thing you know, this blog would be dedicated to sex tourism and hangover cures.

But, here’s this week’s column with a couple of notes thrown in from when we were away:

What can I say about my main man, Juan Manuel Marquez? Simply one of the finest technical boxers in the sport and a true credit to his profession. The way he waited out Juan Diaz‘s amateurish Baby Bull Rushes and then began to pick him apart? True perfection.

And make no mistake about it, Marquez is the #1 Pound for Pound fighter in the world. Madcow does not give you permission to put anybody else above him. Manny Pacquiao may have the flashier wins over a Bobble-head looking, Oscar De la Hoya and David “The 3rd best Diaz at 135# Diaz, but Marquez, in his last two, has KO’d the lineal Lightweight champ, Joel Casamayor and a top 3 Lightweight, Juan Diaz- making both fighters suffer the first KO loss of their careers. And we all know who really won when Manny and Juan Manuel fought, right…Marquez won on every scorecard but the 3 at ringside…Case Closed. Juan Manuel Marquez is the #1 Pound for Pound fighter in the world.

Chris John got screwed against Rocky Juarez and I don’t feel bad at all. Consider it payback for John’s countrymen screwing Juan Manuel Marquez awhile back.

James Kirkland may be a brute who makes Chris Arreola look like Pernell Whitaker, but you can’t deny the fact that this kid is fun to watch. He can take a punch, give it back to you and will never stop coming forward. It must be harder to fight him than it would be to deliver a singing telegram to his trainer, Ann Wolfe.

And speaking of Ms. Wolfe- Ann, if your reading this, you’re looking awful tense, baby. Maybe you’d like a therapeutic back rub. You know, the kind with the happy ending? Don’t fight it. This Madcow can be real gentle…We’ll send Pops to the Piggly Wiggly and while young Kirkland is playing with his Legos, we can excuse ourselves to the boudoir, put on some vintage Barry White and be who God intended us to be. Just think about, ok? You can get ahold of me through the Boxingtimes website…

Next week we’re going to be treated to a rare ESPN2, Saturday afternoon fight for the WBC Heavyweight championship of the world with Vitali Klitschko vs. Juan Carlos Gomez. Ok, just to encourage future shows on free TV, I’ll pretend that I’m giddy about this and that this fight won’t be about as intriguing as getting an oil change on a Saturday afternoon.

A fight that will be intriguing is the rumored bout between Tomasz Ademek and Bernard Hopkins. Hopkins is the master and I know that one day he’ll really look his age, but it won’t be against the slow-footed Adamek. B-Hop is going to smoke the Pole.

Speaking of Smoking the Pole…Ann, baby, I wasn’t kidding. Give me a holler.

With Amir Khan‘s win over a fleshy, bloody and aged Marco Antonio Barrera Khan retuns to where he was before he got knocked goofy by Breidis Prescott. He goes right back to being a brittle-chinned hype job. Amir, ol’ chap, save your money.

Speaking of crisp-chinned UK hype jobs, David Haye’s bout with Wladimir Klitschko has been on again-off again more than Michael Jackson’s nose. Haye should take this as a sign and go back to fighting Cruiserweights, who only occasionally turn his legs to jelly.

Ok, That’s enough for now. Magno, I will be in your neck of the woods around the first week of May. Just warning you. Start chilling the Coronas and warming up the chicas.

Come back next week for more ramblings, insults and slanders.


3 responses to “The Standing 8 Count (3/15/09)

  1. Keep on dreaming madcow. hahahaha

    Your Lineal champ Casamayor is 37 yr old — older than DLH, MAB, Erik, and JMM himself and who barely lost his lineal belt to Katsidis. hahaha.

    Baby Bull Diaz is like an amateur who crumpled his legs when he saw blood. hahaha

    SO, what JMM had beaten is a WASHED UP Casamayor and a GREEN Juan Diaz.


    WHO PACMAN Destroyed?

    Well, its only the shell DLH, a Belt holder David Diaz, p4p prime MAB, a prime EM (whom JMM ducked), and most importantly JMM himself who kissed the canvass 4x who mistakenly followed PAC to his corner after eating gloves when the bell rang.

    hahahahaha. Keep on dreaming madcow with your nightmare. bwahahaha.

  2. hahahaha…..

    The coward GAYEST madcow who needs moderation for the comments.

    Why, are you afraid to hear the facts?


  3. Madcow i think you have angered Bobby Paquiao lol

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