The Standing 8 Count (3/22/09)

by Madcow

Hello ladies! Against my corner’s advice, I’m back for another round of bovine wit and wisdom.

The first thing I have to set straight is where I stand with the Filipino community. It seems that last week I ruffled a few madcow111feathers by insisting that Juan Manuel Marquez and not Manny Pacquiao should be atop the pound for pound list. There are some people in the Pacquiao fan base that think any criticsim of their fighter has to do with nationality or race. Well, let me make one thing clear- some of my best friends are Filipinos. Of course, they’re brothel workers and I can’t really be too sure if their feelings are mutual, but they’re Filipinos nonetheless. There’s not an ounce of racist blood in Madcow…because, as my dear old grandpa used to say, “black, white, yellow…It’s all pink inside.”

But as far as Juan Manuel being #1- That’s the gospel. Important fights should always outweigh big fights and as far as anyone with a brain is concerned, Marquez and Pacquiao are 1-1 in their two bouts. No one outside of a Filipino brothel could justify giving that second fight to Manny. That’s the final word.

On another Blog-related side note, I’m hoping that Tony Thompson‘s easy disposal of human punching bag, Adnan Serin will put an end to the Serin Fan Club’s strange obsession with getting some publicity for their guy on this blog. Face it, your boy is a waste of a good pair of boxing shoes. Thompson had more trouble putting on his trunks than dealing with Turkey’s answer to Peter McNeely.

Ok, now to the real news:

Vitali Klitschko rolled over Juan Carlos Gomez on Saturday and won via TKO in the 9th. Gomez came to the ring with high hopes, and even had on a spiffy pimp outfit for some added color to the ESPN Classic broadcast. But from the second round on, it was painfully clear that Gomez had nothing. Gomez may have come to the ring as a pimp, but he left it as a beeeaaaatch…

On that same undercard, Chris Byrd started yet another comeback, this time at Cruiserweight. File this one under, “Future Tragedy.” Chris, when you’re 50 and you can’t remember your address, don’t blame anyone else but yourself.

March Badness” did what few PPV’s do these days- It loved up to its billing. It was in March and, yes, it was very, very bad.

Roy Jones Jr. beat up sad Omar Sheika, one of the few Light Heavyweights even more burnt-out than he is. Despite the over the top celebration by Jones, deep in his heart he has to know what a farce this was…doesn’t he?

BJ Flores won an easy UD over Jose Luis Herrera on the same show. Consider Flores included on the list of fighters along with Kermit Cintron and Sergio Mora who talk the talk and walk the walk, but always fall short in their performances. Despite having an easy time and apparently being able to tag Herrera at will, Flores took it nice and easy and allowed his opponent to survive his way through the scheduled 10.

I’m not an MMA-Hater. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t care less about the MMA or its fans, but I just have to comment on the MMA portion of the Roy Jones PPV. I don’t know what the sodomy laws are in Pensacola, but the MMA action last night had to have broken several ordinances. I haven’t seen so much male on male friction since I accidentally walked into a “lady boy” club in Bali. Not my cup of tea.

And speaking of male on male friction, couldn’t one of the MMA guys have accidentally rolled over Colonel Bob Sheridan? Sheridan has to be the worst announcer in the history of the sport and the biggest shill since The Fight Doctor Ferdie Pacheco’s love affair with Don King Productions spilled over onto the airwaves of Showtime in the 90’s.

Hearing “The Colonel’s” commentary, you would’ve thought the PPV was an undeniable success instead of what it really was- Two sparring sessions wrapped around an unhealthy dose of masculine man-mounting.

Please, Please, Please. Roy, never subject us to that again.

Next Friday on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights we’re going to have a the most interesting Heavyweight clash since Rocky Balboa came out of retirement to beat up a chubby Antonio Tarver-  Samuel Peter vs. Eddie Chambers. The winner is back in the championship picture, the loser goes back to fighting in Bingo halls. At Heavyweight, it doesn’t get much better than this…unfortunately.

Alrighty then. I’m outta here ’til next week.

Until then, remember: G’s up, Ho’s down


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