Closing the Case on ‘Plaster Gate’

by Paul Magno

Was I being too tough on Antonio Margarito? I mean, for crissake, to call for a man’s livelihood to be taken from margacheatohim…that’s pretty heavy stuff. But then again, the guy and his trainer, Javier Capetillo, committed the most heinous of Boxing crimes- something that could’ve resulted in the death of another fellow boxer.

I don’t know, maybe Margarito should have had a chance at redemption, just as any guilty man should if that second chance comes from a place of empathy and soul-searching honesty…The problem with Margarito, though, is that he didn’t ever seem willing to man-up and approach the horror as a real warrior would…Instead, he went the weasel route and did everything that a truly guilty man does:

* He cried innocent, even when busted red-handed with the illegal wraps on him.

* Then, when the story was undeniable, he allowed his long-time trainer and father figure, Capetillo, to take 100% of the blame while he still cried of his ignorance.

* When his ban was handed down anyway, like all good criminals, he thumbed his nose at the system and rejected the punishment, promising to disobey it by fighting in Mexico as soon as humanly possible.

* And now, in the ultimate act of someone either arrogantly dismissive of the authorities or utterly delusional, he’s giving interviews where he’s outlining his plans for the rest of the year; Talking up rematches with Cotto and Mosley that will only take place in his own mind or on the screen of some X-Box game.

A year’s ban from the sport, with the possibility of a reinstatement hearing every year seems fair enough, but its all out the window if Margarito decides to flip the proverbial bird to the California State Athletic Commission by fighting in Mexico or continuing the whining that is so part of his character…

The best bet for Margarito would’ve been a complete and total admission of guilt followed by a humble serving of his sentence, public service and an even humbler plea to have his license reinstated a year later. I know if I were a member of the commission, I would be very likely to let that version of Margarito have his second chance…But that plan would’ve required a level of maturity and sincerity well beyond Margarito’s capabilities…

The Margarito we have seen since his beat down at the hands of Shane Mosley on January 24th has shown his true colors…He may have been a professional fighter, but he was never really a warrior and, quite frankly, not much of a man either…


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