Madcow’s Standing 8 Count (5/3/09)

by Madcow

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly bovine dose of reality. And a special welcome to the new readers madcow11generated by The BTBC’s newest addition- The BTBC…Boxing With a Bite! The new blog will be for hard news and analysis while the wordpress blog will be for our usual essays and such. I will have a more active role in the new blog, so if I’ve picked on your favorite fighter and made you as an enemy, you probably might want to stay away from: Otherwise, rely on The BTBC to be a trusted news source for all things boxing-related. For awhile, at least, this column will be published on both blogs.

So, All Hail Boxing’s Hooker-Lovin’, Beer-Guzzlin’, Spare Change-Stealin’ Anti-Dan Rafael…Me!

Honorable PPV buyers: How long after Ricky Hatton stumbled back to the dressing room did the reality fall on you? Yep, 50-60 bucks for less than 6 minutes of one-sided action. Hell, even the 3 National Anthems lasted longer! With a weak undercard and a short-as-hell main event, your money would’ve been better spent on a pizza, a six pack and an evening of illegal stream-hopping on the internet. That’s how I spent my evening.

Seriously, though, how is it possible for Manny Pacquiao to look even more impressive each time out? The guy almosy literally ripped Hatton’s head from his body!

But as new readers will soon find out, I’m The BTBC’s official turd in the punch bowl. Here’s the reality about Manny Pacquiao:

  • No matter what his fans say, Manny lost to Juan Manuel Marquez in their second fight.
  • Beating David Diaz is no huge accomplishment.
  • The Oscar De la Hoya that showed up against Pacquiao was a weight-drained shell of his former self.
  • Ricky Hatton has been among the most overrated stiffs of this generation- A good 2nd-tier fighter and nothing more.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. tried to upstage the Manny/Ricky Show by announcing his official comeback against Juan Manuel Marquez on July 18th. I see this fight kinda like how I see having a new smoke detector: I’m glad to have it, but not too jazzed about seeing it implemented. Just as I said that Pacquiao/Hatton would be a mismatch, so is Mayweather vs. Marquez. But as my “ladies” must do when they see this 300 lb. body lunging at them- Marquez should just take his screwing and keep counting all the loot in his head.

Chad Dawson and Antonio Tarver will be fighting this coming Saturday in the most pointless sequel since Blues Brothers 2000. Unfortunately, this may be the last fight for Dawson against anyone even remotely marketable at Light Heavyweight. Dawson may be forced to drop in weight and wade through the fall-out at 168 for some better matches. On the plus side, we get another chance to visually fondle Tarver’s HOT wife.

Apparently, the Wladimir Klitschko/David Haye encounter is a big-ticket item in Europe, selling out a soccer stadium in Germany and sending fans scrambling to scalpers for tickets to the Heavyweight Title bout. Well, guys, save your money and just re-watch the second round of Pacquiao/Hatton. The part of Ricky Hatton will be played by Mr. Hayemaker Haye.

In “real” fight news: I can’t wait for the next six weeks or so: Andre Ward vs. Edison Miranda, Alfred Angulo vs. Kermit CintronMiguel Cotto vs. Joshua Clottey…Plus, the comeback of Rafael Marquez!

Bob Arum is dispelling any notion of a Pacquiao/Mayweather fight by promising Pacquiao/Cotto in December. Arum has wanted nothing to do with Mayweather for the longest time, despite stories to the contrary. But pay no attention to the man with the grey chest hair and boxing glove-shaped liver spots, Arum’s playing kissy face with Cotto to make up for backing the man who beat his face in with bricks back in July ’08  (aka Margarito).

Ok, that’s all for this week. Those spicy buffalo wings I ate this afternoon are dying to take a swim in my porcelain pool. So, with Ring Magazine in hand, I’ll close this out with my favorite sound bite from Saturday’s Mayweather/Marquez press conference:

“I beat fighters and turn them into bitches and they go out and put on fish-nets.” – Floyd Mayweather Jr.


One response to “Madcow’s Standing 8 Count (5/3/09)

  1. how much floyd mayweather jr. did pay you?
    wait floyd cant pay you, he have to pay his taxes first, thats why his making a comeback fight to have money, how sad…

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