Monthly Awards- April ’09

Consider me a cop-out, but there were 3 fighters who were each so deserving of the prize of “Fighter of the Month” that I decided to name all 3 as co-FOM…

Fighter(s) of the Month:williams-wright

Paul Williams– Williams added the biggest notch on his belt- and the first sure Hall of Famer to his resume- by beating Winky Wright. Not only was it a dominant, near-shutout, but it was at 160 lbs. This gives “The Punisher” world-class victories over reigning champs in 3 weight divisions: 147, 154 and 160. By the way, he’s done this within a 10-month period.froch1

Carl Froch– “The Cobra” started off his reign by doing something that it took predecessor Joe Calzaghe almost 15 years to do- travel to America to risk his title against a legitimate title threat. For a good chunk of the fight, Froch seemed to be out-classed by ex-160 lb. champ, Jermain Taylor, but old-fashioned toughness and persistence won out in the end and, trailing on two of the judges’ scorecards, he knocked Taylor out with second remaining.

Brian Viloria– At one time considered a top prospect and classy world champ, a couple of tough losses sent viloria3712Viloria into such a tailspin that nobody in their right mind was giving him much of a chance against long-reigning IBF Jr. Flyweight champ, Ulises Solis. Viloria didn’t win easily and Solis didn’t go down without a major fight, but somehow, some way, “Hawaiian Punch” once again found the inner drive to push onward and he KO’d Solis in the 11th, in front of a packed pro-Viloria card in Manila, the Philippines.

Bum of the Month:

James Kirkland– A month ago, Kirkland was in the above category of “Fighter of the Month” with his savage 83633925MW028_Hatton_v_Malidomination of Joel Julio. My, what a difference 30 days can make!

Kirkland was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm this month. And, since he was already on parole for an armed robbery conviction, this offense will likely see him going back to prison and maybe serving a fairly long sentence.

Not only is this frustrating to his fans who wanted to see his steady climb up the rankings, but it also literally takes the food off the table for much-deserving trainer, Ann Wolfe, and everyone else on his team.

For being another young athlete acting stupid and throwing away a prime chunk of his career, Jame Kirkland is April’s Bum of the Month.

The BTBC Thread of the Month:

Cotto vs. Pacquiao in November?      blue corner1

Pacquiao talk…Cotto talk…Fights galore between board members…Even some video game talk…Pure entertainment!


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