The BTBC…Boxing With a Bite! (A Review of our First Two Weeks)

When we launched our new Boxing news blog a couple of weeks ago ( ) ,we fully expected a major battle to earn a small piece of the already packed market.

We can’t fully compete with the big boys like Boxingscene or Maxboxing just yet- they simply have too much money and power to be touched. But, like a privately-owned burger joint that sits across the street from a mighty McDonalds, we are confident that we have the quality and personal touch that the industry giants can’t duplicate.

At our BTBC Boxing News Blog, you will get an approach and a look at the sport that is 100% unique. Despite having 1/1,000,000 the budget of a Maxboxing, we can guarantee that no major Boxing story will be overlooked and that we will cater to all the essential needs of both hardcore and casual fans alike.

Give us a look, subscribe and use us right now as a compliment to your primary Boxing news source, but be aware that we’re gunning for the big boys’ heads and we ain’t stopping until we’re at the very top!

Here’s a sampling of some of our stories from the last 2 weeks:

A Pop Diva, A White Buffalo, A Dancing Hide, Petrified Woods and Some Guy Named Byron…


Proving once again that Boxing is either the most forgiving or the most severely retarded sport in the world, here’s a news roundup concerning some familiar names:

…Pop Diva, Roy Jones…Click Here for the Rest of the Story:


The First Rule of Fight Club…Don’t Invite Mike Tyson!


According to dirt-rag gossip site,, mega step-dad and star of The Fight Club, Brad Pitt, was nearly offed by enraged Heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson because of Pitt’s relationship with Tyson’s ex, Robin Givens. According to a pal of Tyson’s, the goofed-up ex-champ went as far as…Click Here for the Rest of the Story:


Yet Another Title Shot for Zab Judah?

zab-judah is reporting on a rumor that would have Boxing’s answer to the Washington Generals, Zab Judah, on the verge of getting yet another shot at a World Title. Click Here for the Rest of the Story:


Kelly Pavlik vs. Sergio Mora Off!


The un-awaited Middleweight title bout between Kelly Pavlik and Sergio Mora was called off today due to a staph infection on one of Pavlik’s hands [see above pic of painfully swollen hands]. The bout will likely be rescheduled for some time in September…or, hopefully, not. Click Here for the Rest of the Story:

Freddie Fingers Mayweather


Trainer Freddie Roach on the upcoming Floyd Mayweather-Juan Manuel Marquez bout:

“The fight stinks…Click Here for the Rest of the Story:

Paq-man Fever Post of the Week


The BTBC is proud to announce a new feature to this blog: The Paq-man Fever Post of the Week. Special thanks to the Pac-land message board for providing the rest of the world with so much material!

“Floyd will be lucky…Click Here for the Rest of the Story:


Crisis Averted! Camacho-Campas is Back On!


Phew! After the Jersey Commission refused to sanction the bout, we almost didn’t get to see the Macho great grandfather and the 37-year old Boy mix it up on Pay Per View…Click Here for the Rest of the Story:


That’s just a taste of what to expect at our Boxing News Blog. Regular features include: The BTBC “What if” Series, Up to-Date and Up-to-the-Minute Results from around the Globe, Ring Card Girl of the Day and much, much more…

Come visit The BTBC: Boxing With a Bite! and support the independent news media. Never trust a news site that reports on business affecting their own sponsors… Come on in for a few laughs and give us a chance to win you over!


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  1. Wow. This article post was really great. It’s how the boxing personality are. Nice one man.

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