Monthly Awards- May ’09

Fighter of the Month:

Manny Pacquiao- This was a no-brainer.

With Pacquiao’s 2nd round destruction of Ricky Hatton, to pick anyone else as FOM would be a crime. While paqhatdmany felt that Pacquiao would win handily, few thought that he would dominate so quickly and so violently.

The talk around boxing is that Manny’s trying to lure Welterweights Miguel Cotto or Shane Mosley down to a catchweight of 143-142 lbs. If that’s the case, expect Manny to have a better chance of doing to them what he did to Hatton than if he had to fight them on equal terms.

While the catchweght bouts would make money and be smart business, here’s hoping that Pacquiao takes his role as lineal 140 lb. title seriously and decides to defend it against some of the best in the Jr. Welterweight division.

And, of course, hopefully Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s in his plans as well…

Bum of the Month:

The WBA– The oldest sanctioning body deserves this dubious honor for putting up with one of the most wbafrustrating title reigns in recent memory- The title reign of Ruslan Chagaev.

With all the injuries and illnesses, it’s about time the WBA puts its foot down and officially strips this reluctant warrior. Chagaev has only defended the title twice in two years and has repeatedly pushed back or completely pulled out of big fights. To have him wearing their belt makes the entire organization look bad.

Make Nikolai Valuev the full champ. While Valuev is an abomination as well, at least he’ll fight once in awhile…

And while you’re at it, WBA, please get rid of those stupid “Super” and “Regular” Champion designations- It makes you look desperate for sanctioning fee money…

The BTBC Thread of the Month:

Money May vs. Kenny

by: LatinAce

The Brian Kenny/Floyd Mayweather interview heats up the board and inspires debates ranging from blue corner1Mayweather’s resume and Kenny’s credentials to the upcoming Mayweather/Marquez bout and the general state of the Welterweight division.

Love him or hate him (and it’s mostly the latter), Floyd Mayweather inspires heated debate.


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