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Madcow’s Standing 8 Count (6/29/09)

by Madcow

Aside from actually being written, this week’s column will be a little different.

Last week, as you all know, Michael Jackson died. I have had a special relationship throughout my life with madcow11Jackson. No, I never got to visit Neverland ranch as a child and I was never able to share a can of Jesus Juice with the “one-gloved-one.”

My connection with Jackson isn’t even about music. Actually, I’m luke warm to his talents.

No. My link with Jackson goes directly through Lori C, Madcow’s first love and a very fine looking High School Junior with bubble gum lip gloss and a teddy bear backpack.

I had taken “Ms. C” to the Junior Prom and, to spare all the details, that was the night your favorite bovine became a man.

On the way home, I turned on the radio in my clunker in absolute glee and the first song on the radio was “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. Not my type of music, but on that particular night, it was the greatest song I had ever heard.

So, this column is dedicated to Michael Jackson, “Billie Jean,” and beautiful Lori C, who was more woman at 17 than all 3 of my wives put together. But enough with this sappy crap.

In a “Thriller,” Marcos Maidana overcame knockdowns and all obstacles to force Victor Ortiz into submission. Now, after an embarrassing quit job and a non-fighter-like post-fight interview, Ortiz has to seriously take a look at the “Man in the Mirror” and decide if he really wants to continue fighting or if he just wants to “Beat It.

Smooth Criminal,” Oscar De la Hoya desperately tried to spin Ortiz’s quit job into something quite the opposite, but nobody is buying it. Overall, it hasn’t been a good time to be a Golden Boy prospect. Abner Mares split, Ortiz was just crushed and “King of Pop,” James Kirkland is eating bologna and mayonaise sandwiches behind bars.

Remember the Time” when PPV dates were reserved for only the elite fights, the best of the best? The Latin Fury show this Saturday was just, plain “Bad.” I would like to run into the chump who paid 35 bucks to see this suck-fest so I can sell him some bumper car tickets at Neverland Ranch. Wake me up when Juanma Lopez starts fighting someone with a pulse.

Arthur Abraham defended his title against some guy named Oral on Showtime Saturday. I’m sorry, but the only thing I’m watching with the name “Oral” on it is a PPV movie from The Spice Channel.

Everything else this Summer has been a big let-down. Cancelled or postponed fights, combined with weak matchups. Boxing is in a serious “Jam” and needs to fix things fast or, maybe next year, there won’t be anyone buying these shows for broadcast.

Well, seeing that its been a slow news Summer and that I’ve exhausted my Michael Jackson references, I think I’ll end this special edition of Madcow’s Standing 8 Count.

Besides, I’ve just called the escort service and told them to send their best; Doesn’t matter if they’re “Black or White,” I just “Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’.” Now, “Leave Me Alone.”

RIP Michael

Andre Ward’s Mid-Term Exam

by Paul Magno

Every top prospect or talented newcomer has to eventually face that one special fighter who stands between him andre-mirandaand the world class stage- A tough gatekeeper who is able, and more than willing, to beat back the challenge of the kid and send him back to the land of wannabe stars and “coulda been” contenders.

Manny Pacquiao had his Agapito Sanchez, Kelly Pavlik had his Bronco McKart, Miguel Cotto had his Cesar Bazan…even Vitali Klitschko had his Herbie Hide.

Some fighters fail these mid-term exams and get sent back to the drawing board. Most recently, the names Andy Lee, James McGirt Jr., Ronald Hearns and John Duddy come to mind. It’s possible to come back and have a successful career after failing the mid-term (For example: Wladimir Klitschko’s solid “F” against Ross Purrity), but more often than not, that first real loss against their first real challenge puts a certain taint on the rest of their career, regardless of what successes come next.

Andre Ward is facing his mid-term this Saturday, the 16th, in the form of trash-talking Colombian slugger, Edison Miranda. The pressure will be extra heavy on Ward’s shoulders for this one because, not only is he facing the threat of his first live opponent with legit one-punch KO power in both fists, but he’s also carrying the burden of being America’s last Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist. The expectations are extra high for medal-winning Olympians, but they go through the roof if that medal is of the gold variety. Anything short of a dominant, explosive win will be seen as a let down to the fans who are expecting the world of a fighter talented enough to bring home the gold. After all, its become somewhat of a tradition, from Muhammad Ali to Sugar Ray Leonard to Oscar De la Hoya,  for American fighters to transition from Olympic glory to legendary status.

You can’t help but be reminded of another young Olympic Gold Medalist who came into his first big fight with similar pressure: “The American Dream” David Reid.

reid-trinidadReid was the defending WBA Jr. Middleweight champ as he met the challenge of Welterweight titlist, Felix Trinidad. Expectations were high for Reid; He had been handed a very lucrative contract by HBO and rumors were rampant about him fighting everyone from Oscar De la Hoya below him to Roy Jones Jr. above him. But, first, he had to get by Trinidad- a fighter that Reid’s camp felt had been somewhat exposed in his previous bout against De la Hoya. The Olympian’s people felt that Reid would be easily able to outbox the Puerto Rican slugger and, even if Trinidad were able to reach him, the naturally bigger fighter would be absorb the power.

Reid boxed well in the first half of the fight, even dropping Trinidad in the 3rd, but “Tito” eventually began to grind the kid down and, by the end of the bout, he was putting an epic beating on the Gold Medalist from Philadelphia. Reid was dropped once in the 7th and three tmes in the 11th. Trinidad ended up winning an easy unanimous decision and Reid went into a personal tailspin.

“The American Dream” came back for three insignificant wins, but was eventually KO’d by club-level fighter, Sam Hill. Trinidad may not have been the last man to defeat Reid, but he was the one who, not only beat him up physically, but took his heart and very identity away from him. The David Reid that existed after the Felix Trinidad loss was a mere shell of the young man who had dreams of gold.

Edison Miranda wants to be the Tito Trinidad to Ward’s David Reid. He would like nothing better than to resuscitateYE4 his own lagging career with a win over a highly-touted Olympian like Andre Ward. Similar to most veteran fighters in the same situation, Miranda smells fresh meat in the form of a fighter who’s had it relatively easy so far in his pro career. Miranda’s been around the world and, while he hasn’t always won, he’s always gone down slugging. This Saturday’s bout is make or break for Miranda.

Some may find fault in the Reid/Trinidad, Ward/Miranda comparison in the fact that Edison Miranda is, most definitely, no Felix Trinidad.

Well, until Andre Ward beats someone as strong and as tough as Miranda, one can also say that Andre Ward is no David Reid.

The beautiful thing is that we’ll have our answers to all pending Andre Ward questions this weekend. Hopefully, Ward isn’t expecting an easy “A”… I hear Edison Miranda is a very tough grader.

Madcow’s Standing 8 Count (5/10/09)

by Madcow

Welcome to another week’s worth of Boxing slaps and tickles with your favorite overweight booze hound-wh*re monger. In case you don’t know who I am, my name is Madcow- I’m an independently wealthy Boxing expert and, quite often, the smartest guy in the room.

Chad Dawson beat Antonio Tarver, again, in an almost identical fight as their first one. Nothing was working last Saturday. The whole HBO telecast seemed off. Dawson looked flat, Tarver looked ancient and even the ring card girls looked skankier than usual. It was a bad night for all parties…especially us fans who had to sit through a snore-fest while thinking about just how many great fights we could’ve seen aired with the money they wasted on Dawson/Tarver 2.

The next step for Dawson is to find a decent fight among all the bums at 175. The only option for a money fight is to fly out to Wales, find out where Calzaghe’s gone drinking, bring TV cameras and force Joe to fight him, ala Rocky V…Either that or invent a time machine so he can go back 8 years to fight a Roy Jones who could actually defend himself.

As for Antonio Tarver…Tarver goes back to doing what all marginally successful men with smoking hot wives do- Look over his shoulder and have a private detective follow Denise Tarver around all day.

Speaking of Denise Tarver…Denise, drop me a line, ok? You can send all e-mails to boxing_times@yahoo.com. Put “Madcow” in the title and it’ll be forwarded to me…Later, pumpkin.

Hector Camacho and Yory Boy Campas went ahead with their ridiculous PPV on Saturday. Florida played host to these geezers since Jersey wouldn’t license Camacho. I was pulling for the show to be named “When Swollen Prostates Collide,” but they went with “Nations Collide” or something silly like that. There’s no word on the buy rate yet, but it has to be at least “1” because of the guy who was airing the illegal stream that I watched on the internet.

As for the show itself, if you enjoy the feel and production value of Sunday morning UHF Pro-Wrestling shows, you would’ve loved this one. Dim lighting, grainy color, cheap effects…you had to know that any PPV featuring a 47-year old felon in the main event had to be all class.

By the way, the fight was declared a draw…and there’s no truth to the rumor that the pre-fight physical used carbon dating technology.

Next week, Andre Ward and Edison Miranda mix it up. I have to admit that Miranda is the type of blow-hard bully that I hate with a passion. But, Ward is the type of good-looking arrogant jock I also hate with a passion. So, I’m torn. Maybe I’ll root for a double knockout or a collapsing roof.

Roy Jones wanted to fight in the UFC Octagon against Anderson Silva and the fight would’ve been made if Dana White hadn’t vetoed it. White says that a Jones fight is meaningless and that he doesn’t want to be responsible for a legend like Roy Jones getting hurt. Yeah, right…and the only reason I’m not nailing Scarlett Johansson is because I don’t like busty blondes.

The Kelly PavlikSergio Mora fight, scheduled for June 27th, has been cancelled. On the surface this is good news, but all this means is that we’re still going to have to co-exist in the same universe as Mora until Pavlik’s staph infection of the hand is better.

Ok, I have to run, I gotta get a massage and if I show up late for my appointment, the “happy ending” becomes an “inconclusive session-ender.”

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I’ll see ya next Sunday, ladies.

Ricky Hatton: A question of desire? Or unfinished business?

by Simon Garner

I’ve heard many people in the UK calling for Ricky Hatton to retire: from Johnny Nelson on Sky Sports to ITV’s Loose Women (for all the American’s reading, its kinda like the UK equivalent of The View – i.e. shit).

However, I am not one of them. For those who can bear to read my posts on the BTBC forum, you will know, despite ricky-hatton280x390being a true Brit, I am not a huge admirer of the Hitman.

On the other hand, no one can say that he has not done a lot with his fairly limited abilities. He has achieved a lot of things in his career such as becoming a two weight world champion and being the man that retired Kosta Tszyu. The only goal he failed at was becoming the pound-for-pound king and that’s not exactly the worst criticism in the world.

Yet, for those who have tuned to the acclaimed HBO series Pacquiao-Hatton 24/7, will know of Ricky Hatton’s desire to be seen as the best in the world. And the fact that he has been defeated on two occasions has to have taken a huge toll on his ego, not just as a boxer, but as a man.

With the Mayweather fight raking in PPV numbers of $850,000 and rumours of the Pacquiao fight being as high as $2,000,000 (!?!?!), Ricky is a box-office star, no doubt about it. Therefore, the only question I have is, would he fight on, knowing that he will more likely than not, never be involved in an event like this again?

No fighter wants to go out with a defeat, especially in the manor that Ricky did, but the question is, does he have other options? Who is out there?

After the beating he took from the Pacman, I doubt PPV numbers for his fights will be in such high demand anymore. Talks of facing Juan-Manuel Marquez are surely dead in the water now, and the only big names around, such as Shane Mosley and the returning Pretty Boy Floyd, would eat him for breakfast.

Ricky needs to be realistic, because I believe there are still some goals out there for him to achieve. Yeah, he didn’t become pound-for-pound king, but who can SERIOUSLY claim to have held that title in the last 20 years? 4, maybe 5 fighters who are dead-cert Hall-of-Fame fighters.

The talent pool at 140lb isn’t brilliant in my opinion and the hitman could give the likes of Bradley and Holt a good run for their money and he’s already beaten IBF Champ Juan Urango. There is definitely a chance to unify the divisions. Failing that, he could always have a bash at a UK Superfight with either Junior Witter or Amir Khan – both are sure to draw huge UK crowds.

 mannyrickyweighinA serious problem with this, contrary to news we hear from the Hatton camp, may be the weight. For anyone who saw the weigh-in for the Pacquiao fight, Ricky Hatton looked like skeletor. Yes you could see his Muscles but you call also see his ribs and his beaten internal organs. In contrast with the incomparable Pacman, who looked like someone who had been computer generated or chiseled from stone.

He claims he can still make the weight easily, but I’m not so sure. If he can, he has many options and the chance at unifying the division. If not, he’ll get eaten alive by those at 147lb. As we saw against Mayweather, a close decision win against a fairly average Luis Collazo and even a small 140lb’er in Manny Pacquiao. If he can’t out muscle his opponent, what chance has he got?

If he does call it a day, Ricky “Hitman” Hatton has been a great servant to British boxing, fighting at the highest level and on the grandest stages of them all, and I for one, wish him all the best in whatever he does next.

A Quarter Century of Greatness: Boxing’s 25 Best Over The Last 25 Years (Part 3)

by Paul Magno

For  Part 1 of this feature, #25-#18, click here: https://thebluecorner.wordpress.com/2009/04/16/a-quarter-century-of-greatness-boxings-25-best-over-the-last-25-years-part-1/

For Part 2 of this feature, #17-#11, click here: https://thebluecorner.wordpress.com/2009/04/19/a-quarter-century-of-greatness-boxing%e2%80%99s-25-best-over-the-last-25-years-part-2/


10) Evander Holyfield: 42-10-2 (27 KO), 1984-2008

Key Wins: Dwight Muhammad Qawi (2), Carlos DeLeon, Buster Douglas, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Riddick Bowe (1-2), Michael Moorer (1-1), Ray Mercer, Mike Tyson (2), John Ruiz (1-1-1), Hasim Rahman

Key Losses: Riddick Bowe (2), Michael Moorer, Lennox Lewis, John Ruiz, Chris Byrd, James Toney, Larry Donald, Sultan Ibragimov, Nikolay Valuev

“The Real Deal’s” first mark on professional prize fighting was as the greatest Cruiserweight of all-time. As a Heavyweight, Holyfield used heart, soul and old-school toughness to beat more than his fair share of Boxing’s best big men. Even well past his prime, Holyfield never cheated the public with a sluggish performance or a half-hearted effort; Evander was a real warrior, through and through.toney3

9) James Toney: 71-6-3 (43 KO), 1989-Present

Key Wins: Michael Nunn, Reggie Johnson, Mike McCallum (2-0-1), Iran Barkley, Tim Littles, Charles Williams, Vassiliy Jirov, Evander Holyfield, Hasim Rahman (D)

Key Losses: Roy Jones Jr., Montell Griffin (2), Drake Thadzi, Samuel Peter (2)

Freddie Roach, Toney’s ex-trainer, recently said that an in-shape Toney had the potential to be the best fighter ever. Few who saw Toney at his best would rule out Roach’s assesment as pure fantasy. “Lights Out” outclassed fighters from 160 all the way up to 190, giving his opponents lessons in classic, old-school combat. With quick hands and a supremely tight defense, Toney’s only apparent weakness was at the dinner table where he probably ate away a few prime years of his otherwise stellar career.

8.) Manny Pacquiao: 48-3-2 (36 KO), 1995-Presentpacquiao-diaz

Key Wins: Jorge Julio, Marco Antonio Barrera (2), Juan Manuel Marqez (1-0-1), Erik Morales (2-1), Oscar Larios, Jorge Solis, David Diaz, Oscar de la Hoya

Key Losses: Medgoen Singsurat, Erik Morales

Boxing’s true “Mexicutioner,” Pacquiao has beaten a virtual Mt. Rushmore of Mexican greats in Barrera, Morales, Marquez and Larios. Over the course of his career “The Pac-man” has transformed himself from a wild rush of southpaw fury into a sharp and focused, division-jumping, pro. His most recent domination of De la Hoya proved all critics and, most experts, wrong. Boxing’s current Pound for Pound king has established himself as the force to reckon with in every division from 130 to 147.

7) Lennox Lewis: 41-2-1 (32 KO), 1989-2003 lewis1

Key Wins: Donovan Ruddock, Tony Tucker, Frank Bruno, Ray Mercer, Oliver McCall (1-1), Andrew Golota, Shannon Briggs, Evander Holyfield (1-0-1), Frans Botha, David Tua, Hasim Rahman (1-1), Mike Tyson, Vitali Klitschko

Key Losses: Oliver McCall, Hasim Rahman

Maybe the most controversial placement on this list because Lewis seems to bring up vastly different assesments of his abilities and accomplishments. What can’t be disputed about Lennox, though, was the fact that he fought everyone in the division who was willing to fight him and mosltly won convincingly. His only two losses were avenged brutally. When Boxing has time to reflect, Lewis will be remembered as the best Heavyweight since prime Larry Holmes and, maybe, the best since Ali.

6) Floyd Mayweather Jr.: 39-0 (25 KO), 1996-Present mayweather2a

Key Wins: Genaro Hernandez, Diego Corrales, Carlos Hernandez, Jesus Chavez, Jose Luis Castillo (2), DeMarcus Corley, Zab Judah, Carlos Baldomir, Oscar De la Hoya, Ricky Hatton

Key Losses: None

One of the most gifted and best-schooled fighters of this era, “Pretty Boy/Money” Mayweather lit up the 130-135 lb division, beating the best of those divisions and displaying skills and abilities on an “all-time” level. Above 140 lbs, received criticisms for not fighting the very best, but still found a way to become 140, 147 and 154 lb. champ and true, lineal champ at Welterweight. In all fairness to Mayweather, actual timelines and business issues stood in the way of the one fight he could actually be accused of skipping- against Miguel Cotto.

5) Julio Cesar Chavez: 107-6-2 (86 KO), 1980-2005 chavez

Key Wins: Roger Mayweather (2), Rocky Lockridge, Juan La Porte, Edwin Rosario, Bazooka Limon, Jose Luis Ramirez, Meldrick Taylor, Hector Camacho, Frankie Randall (2-1), Joey Gamache, Ivan Robinson

Key Losses: Frankie Randall, Oscar De la Hoya (2), Willy Wise, Kostya Tszyu, Grover Wiley

In his prime, there was nobody who better represented the classic Mexican style and the classic Mexican fight ethic than “El Gran Campeon Mexicano.” With brutal body work, a calculated temper and a cast-iron chin, Chavez bullied his way to dominance from the Super Featherweight division all the way up to Welterweight. Chavez’s toughest enemy was his own weakness for partying and the last couple of years of his career saw him be a shadow of his true self. Prime Chavez is of the “all-time” class and Top 5 of the last 25 years.

4) Oscar De la Hoya: 39-6 (30 KO), 1992-2008 oscar

Key Wins: Jorge Paez, John John Molina, Rafael Ruelas, Genaro Hernandez, Jesse Jame Leija, Julio Cesar Chavez (2), Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Pernell Whitaker, Wilfredo Rivera, Ike Quartey, Oba Carr, Javier Castillejo, Fernando Vargas, Felix Sturm, Ricardo Mayorga)

Key Losses: Felix Trinidad, Shane Mosley (2), Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao

The tired, old cliche about “The Golden Boy” is that he “never won the big ones.” Well, it could also be said that only one fighter, Shane Mosley, ever really beat De la Hoya in the roughly 7 years of his his prime, from 135 to 147 lbs. Oscar not only became the face of boxing for more than a decade, but he did so with class and dignity. His resume has more big names than the Warsaw phone book- he fought the best of his generation. Were some of those names older or naturally smaller than De la Hoya? Yes, but his fame drew the best fighters to the table and, much more often than not, Oscar fought them.

3) Bernard Hopkins: 49-5-1 (32 KO), 1988-Present bernard_hopkins1

Key Wins: John David Jackson, Glen Johnson, Simon Brown, Antwun Echols (2), Keith Holmes, Felix Trinidad, Carl Daniels, William Joppy, Oscar De la Hoya, Antonio Tarver, Winky Wright, Kelly Pavlik

Key Losses: Roy Jones Jr., Jermain Taylor (2), Joe Calzaghe

The symbol of technical excellence and old-school toughness, Hopkins has been boxing at the highest levels for more than 15 years. “The Executioner’s” numbers can’t be argued with- He was the sport’s last unified, 4-belt champ, 20 successful defenses as a Middleweight, and at 41 years of age he embarked on a second career run that saw him become the true, lineal champ at Light Heavyweight. For the vast majority of his career, B-Hop labored under the burden of being an outsider, shunned by promoters and sanctioning bodies for his outspoken tirades against Boxing’s injustices. B-Hop has had the final laugh and is evidence to the fact that superb conditioning and hard-earned ring intelligence are a boxer’s two greatest weapons.

2) Roy Jones Jr.: 53-5 (39 KO), 1989-Present jones1

Key Wins: Bernard Hopkins, Thulani Malinga, James Toney, Mike McCallum, Montell Griffin, Virgil Hill, Reggie Johnson, Eric Harding, Clinton Woods, John Ruiz, Antonio Tarver (1-2)

Key Losses: Montell Griffin, Antonio Tarver (2), Glen Johnson, Joe Calzaghe

Jones was one of the most physically gifted fighter of all-time and, definitely, the most gifted of this era. Jones easily dominated world class fighters with an almost super human hand speed and uncanny reflexes. Literally untouchable for the better part of a decade, “RJ” ruled the world from 160 to 175 lbs and collected belts like matchbook covers, acquiring straps that most never even knew existed. The last flash in his career was his move up to heavyweight to capture the WBA title from John Ruiz. As his physical gifts diminished with age, Jones became vulnerable and beatable, but nobody can ever take away from the total excellence Jones displayed in his, 16-punch combination, pre-fight basketball-playing, prime.

1) Pernell Whitaker: 40-4-1 (17 KO), 1984-2001 whitaker

Key Wins: Roger Mayweather, Greg Haugen, Jose Luis Ramirez (1-1), Freddie Pendleton, Azumah Nelson, Jorge Paez, Rafael Pineda, Buddy McGirt (2), Julio Cesar Chavez (D), Julio Cesar Vazquez, Jake Rodriguez, Wilfredo Rivera

Key Losses: Jose Luis Ramirez, Oscar De la Hoya, Felix Trinidad, Carlos Bojorquez

“Sweet Pea” was quite frankly, the best boxer of these last 25 years. With the best defense since Willy Pep and the inherent ring smarts of a Sugar Ray Robinson, Whitaker set about a pace of utter dominance from Lightweight to Welterweight, with the two blights on his record (a loss to Ramirez and a draw to Chavez) being complete robberies. Most amazing was the fact that not only did Pernell beat the best of his class, but for a long period of time, he rarely even lost a round! Pernell Whitaker was the perfect combination of gifted athlete and learned student of the game…and he was Boxing’s Best Over The Last 25 Years.


Honorable Mention (in no particular order): Michael Nunn, Ricky Hatton, Terry Norris, Johnny Tapia, Humberto Gonzalez, Michael Carbajal, Nigel Benn, Iran Barkley, Virgil Hill, Chris Eubank, Naseem Hamed, Meldrick Taylor, Kostya Tszyu

To Debate This List, Join The BTBC: Boxing’s Pound 4 Pound Best Fan Forum: www.boxingtimes.com

The Standing 8 Count (4/26/09)

by Madcow

Ahhhh….There’s nothing like a week off to really make a man feel at ease with the world. I was feeling a little guilty at madcow112first, but then I thought to myself, “Hey! You ain’t getting paid!” That made me feel a lot better.

Is there anyone who gets knocked out better than Jermain Taylor? I mean, look at his face and his body when he gets whooped! He gets this blank look in his eyes and his body crumples like one of my used kleenex. Now, there’s a man who has the decency to look whooped when he was whooped.

Congratulations to Carl Froch who followed the perfect strategy for beating “The Head of Block from Little Rock”: Throw punches and wait until Taylor gets tired and starts running into them. But, sorry, “Cobra,” you are still not “worthy” of a fight with Joe Calzaghe. It’ll take 10 more years and a loss to Sven Ottke to qualify you for “Super” Joe.

This Just In: Juan Manuel Lopez has just broken into Gerry Penalosa‘s house and his beating the Filipino up at his dinner table… And Penalosa still won’t go down!

Gerry Penalosa is a freaking robot. I’ve never seen anyone outside of a Friday the 13th movie take so much punishment and still keep coming forward.

Penalosa’s toughness aside, Lopez is a beast and will massacre most of 122 and 126.

Speaking of massacres, Allan Green finally found his mojo and starched Carlos DeLeon Jr. on the undercard of Froch/Taylor. This is the first time I’ve seen the potential from Green that so many claimed he had. Where was this version of Green when he “pussed” his way around the ring against Edison Miranda? Maybe the section of colon he had removed? May I suggest a similar ass operation for Andre Ward and Eddie Chambers?

Speaking of ass-work, Cory Spinks is back in the mix at 154 lbs. with his solid win over DeAndre Latimore on Friday. Actually, to be fair to Spinks, this one wasn’t actually all bad. I just have to say, though: Doesn’t Cory Spinks look like the biggest idiot in the world when he does his pre-fight dance thing?

What I want to know is why anyone still sticks with Don King as a promoter? With just about one real card a year, he has at least a half dozen solid fighters just withering on the vine. A 22-year old prospect like Devon Alexander should not have ring rust against a club fighter like he did on Friday’s undercard.

James Kirkland was arrested on gun charges and could likely see prison time for a parole violation. Would it be too much to ask of Ann Wolfe to cut her hair short like Kirkland’s and assume the young phenom’s fight schedule? I mean, gee, Kirkland was doing so well…

So, next week is the big one- Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton. Let me be one of the first to say that, despite the 24/7 shows on HBO and all the hype, this is a mismatch. By the 4th round, Hatton will look like he was eating tomato paste without his hands. Forget all the pro-Hatton reasoning, Ricky doesn’t have a chance in hell. Pacquiao is going to beat him like Reginald Denny got beat in the LA Riots. This one will put the quaint and likeable chap, Hatton, into a much-needed retirement. And if Pacquiao is especially blood-thirsty on the 2nd, this bout will not be suitable for younger, more squeemish viewers. Floyd Mayweather Sr.- Bring a pint of O+ with you.

Apparently, Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s retirement is only going to last about 18 months. Rumblings are strong that “Money” will be coming back on July 18th against Juan Manuel Marquez and I believe them. Now, if it were rumored that he was coming back against a prime, world-class fighter in his own weight class? Then, I wouldn’t believe a word of it.

Ok, gotta run and see if I still have some money in the bank. I have a big vacation coming up. Paul, please remove all Swine Flu patients from the Central Mexico area- especially the zonas de tolerancia.

See ya next week, ladies.