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Madcow’s Standing 8 Count (6/29/09)

by Madcow

Aside from actually being written, this week’s column will be a little different.

Last week, as you all know, Michael Jackson died. I have had a special relationship throughout my life with madcow11Jackson. No, I never got to visit Neverland ranch as a child and I was never able to share a can of Jesus Juice with the “one-gloved-one.”

My connection with Jackson isn’t even about music. Actually, I’m luke warm to his talents.

No. My link with Jackson goes directly through Lori C, Madcow’s first love and a very fine looking High School Junior with bubble gum lip gloss and a teddy bear backpack.

I had taken “Ms. C” to the Junior Prom and, to spare all the details, that was the night your favorite bovine became a man.

On the way home, I turned on the radio in my clunker in absolute glee and the first song on the radio was “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. Not my type of music, but on that particular night, it was the greatest song I had ever heard.

So, this column is dedicated to Michael Jackson, “Billie Jean,” and beautiful Lori C, who was more woman at 17 than all 3 of my wives put together. But enough with this sappy crap.

In a “Thriller,” Marcos Maidana overcame knockdowns and all obstacles to force Victor Ortiz into submission. Now, after an embarrassing quit job and a non-fighter-like post-fight interview, Ortiz has to seriously take a look at the “Man in the Mirror” and decide if he really wants to continue fighting or if he just wants to “Beat It.

Smooth Criminal,” Oscar De la Hoya desperately tried to spin Ortiz’s quit job into something quite the opposite, but nobody is buying it. Overall, it hasn’t been a good time to be a Golden Boy prospect. Abner Mares split, Ortiz was just crushed and “King of Pop,” James Kirkland is eating bologna and mayonaise sandwiches behind bars.

Remember the Time” when PPV dates were reserved for only the elite fights, the best of the best? The Latin Fury show this Saturday was just, plain “Bad.” I would like to run into the chump who paid 35 bucks to see this suck-fest so I can sell him some bumper car tickets at Neverland Ranch. Wake me up when Juanma Lopez starts fighting someone with a pulse.

Arthur Abraham defended his title against some guy named Oral on Showtime Saturday. I’m sorry, but the only thing I’m watching with the name “Oral” on it is a PPV movie from The Spice Channel.

Everything else this Summer has been a big let-down. Cancelled or postponed fights, combined with weak matchups. Boxing is in a serious “Jam” and needs to fix things fast or, maybe next year, there won’t be anyone buying these shows for broadcast.

Well, seeing that its been a slow news Summer and that I’ve exhausted my Michael Jackson references, I think I’ll end this special edition of Madcow’s Standing 8 Count.

Besides, I’ve just called the escort service and told them to send their best; Doesn’t matter if they’re “Black or White,” I just “Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’.” Now, “Leave Me Alone.”

RIP Michael


Madcow’s Standing 8 Count (6/8/09)

by Madcow

Here I am, your favorite bovine boxing columnist, rockin’ you like a mother frickin’ hurricane, with several axes to grind and a massive inferiority complex (not to mention a substance abuse problem, a weight problem, severalmadcow11 dozen outstanding parking tickets and a sexual addiction that makes David Carradine look like Fred Rogers)!

Sorry for last week’s lack of a column, but I was knee-deep in Polynesian trim and I honestly didn’t feel like writing another column on a slow news week.

But then, as if delivered from heaven directly to my bloodshot eyes, David Haye gives me enough material for several month’s worth of columns!

By now, I’m sure you all know, but Haye pulled out of his Heavyweight title fight against Wladimir Klitschko, leaving behind a stadium’s worth of sold tickets, several million dollars and about 50,000 dumb T-shirts where Haye is ripping the heads off of the Klitschko Bros.

Now, it’s just Haye who’s getting a virtual decapitation from fans and media for talking so much trash and backing out at the last minute.

Don’t buy the injury talk, this Madcow can smell cold feet when their rubbed up against his nose. Haye wrote a check that his sack couldn’t cash.

Now, Wlad has an opponent in Ruslan Chagaev who may have Hepatitis, but isn’t suffering from “yellow” fever. I say Klit, as a punishment, makes Haye fight Chris Arreola, Alexander Povetkin and Samuel Peter before getting back into contention.

All in all, though, this is a good thing since it saves me the 5 minutes the fight would’ve lasted before Klitschko separated Haye’s flapping jaw from his head.

Ahhhhh. It’s good to be back!

Message boards and websites are on fire all over the net about the upcoming Floyd MayweatherJuan Manuel Marquez fight. I’ve heard both sides and here’s the official decision from Madcow:

Mayweather’s entitled to a tune-up fight and even a mini-Marquez is not bad at all for a tune-up. If Mayweather isn’t making a serious effort to fight someone named Pacquiao, Cotto, Mosley or Williams next, then he deserves the wrath of the world.

Doesn’t it seem that Manny Pacquiao’s people know deep down inside that the dog and pony show is just about up? His people want nothing to do with a real Welterweight fight, they’re already dismissing the idea of a Mayweather fight and they’re going to price themselves out of any fight against a legit 140 lb. fighter.

On a similar note, if any Welter melts down to meet Pacquiao’s crazy demands, they are goofy and deserve the dehydrated beating they’ll get. Hear that, Shane Mosley?

David Tua announced that he’ll officially be changing his ring name from “Tuaman” to “The Tuaminator.” Can Madcow make a few more name change suggestions? How about “Tua Years Since He’s Last Fought,” “It’s Tua Bad He Doesn’t Get Off His Fat Ass and Fight, ” or “I Wouldn’t Pay Tua Cents to Watch Him Fight Shane Cameron?”

Alfredo Angulo, buddy, how the hell could you lose to Kermit “I’m Too Sensitive” Cintron?

Kelly Pavlik re-signed with Top Rank after they spent the last 18-months burying the kid against weak opposition on bogus cards and allowing him to get within spitting distance of a slick spoiler like Bernard Hopkins. Maybe Pavlik is the “take the money and run” type of fighter after all. Kelly, how many pick up trucks and “Best of Bob Seeger” CDs can you buy?

John Ruiz is still whining about not getting another shot at the Heavyweight title and about not getting the respect he thinks he deserves. Well, this cure for insomnia has had almost a dozen world title fights in his putrid career and, combined, they’ve produced less excitement than the first round of any James Kirkland bout. Go away, Ruiz and take your garbage attitude and style with you. You are to Boxing what Stryper was to Death Metal.

Alright, kiddies, all out of venom for this week. See ya next Sunday and, remember, support the BTBC. I have it on good word that this Summer will make or break our community. Let’s keep stickin’ it to the man. F*ck You Fightnews and Max Boxing! Madcow’s gonna rape Boxingscene’s mother!

Peace and Love.

Madcow’s Standing 8 Count (5/17/09)

by Madcow

Hello Everyone! It’s another edition of Madcow’s Standing 8 Count featuring James Kirkland’s least favorite madcow11shooting buddy, Me! I wonder why Kirkland hasn’t been on the range lately?

To say that this week has been a slow news week is like saying that your beloved Madcow likes his Jack and Water cold and strong…Duh! Other than Andre Ward finally acting like a real prospect and Edison Miranda quickly working his way back to eating roadkill, almost nothing of note has been happening.

So, rather than fill the rest of this column with filler about Mayweather-Marquez-Pacquiao and played-out debates on who’s better, I thought I’d take this opportunity to let everyone know what I absolutely hate about the sport of Boxing.

Here’s my list (in no particular order):

* Manny Pacquiao’s Fans (Especially the Filipino Fans)- I understand national pride- I felt the same way when the USA passed Mexico on the Swine Flu “Most Infected” list, but these Pac-fans are too much. In the past weeks I’ve read stories about Manny “easily” beating everyone from Cotto to Hopkins to Klitschko. Hell, at the Pac-land Forum, they aren’t debating about “whether” Manny can beat Mayweather, they’re debating about in which round he’ll knock Floyd out! Pacquiao is a great fighter, no doubt, but his fans need to bring things back to reality…Manny can’t beat the entire Indonesian Coast Guard and he probably would fare too well against the Nazi War Machine of World War II, either.

* Mayweather’s Mouth- If PBF could trash talk in an intelligent manner, I wouldn’t have a problem, but he sounds downright retarded sometimes and totally oblivious to the criticisms that come his way. So, Mayweather will go on and on about how a good little man will never beat a good big man despite the fact that critics are all over him for fighting Juan Manuel Marquez and, duh, Mayweather, himself, chose to fight the little man.

* Fighters from The Contender- Take a bunch of club fighters, slap them on TV and send them out into the real world with an inflated sense of self-importance and a mess of undeserved publicity. The result is crappy fighters in crappy fights wasting precious TV time that could be going to a legit class fighter.

* Catchweight fights- For crissake, fight in your own division and when you kill everyone around, then move up! If God had intended Juan Manuel Marquez to weight 147 lbs., he would’ve given the guy a shoe size larger than single-digits.

* Strawweights- Any athlete weighing less than 105 lbs should be either on top of a horse or wearing a mask in Mexican Lucha Libre.

* Overweight Heavyweights- Any 200+ lb. athlete with rolls of fat around his belly should be wearing face paint or an Indian headdress and wrestling in the WWE.

* Interim titles, “Regular” Champs, “Super” Champs- Either you’re champ or you’re not, no in-betweens. That’s why I respect the BTBC World Rankings- They don ‘t recognize any of that BS. Being an Interim or Regular Champ is like saying that you’re just “a little” gay…No, it doesn’t work like that. You’re either a champ or a challenger…

* The Mora-Spinks Syndrome- Fighters, like Sergio Mora and Cory Spinks, who talk tough and walk to the ring with a swagger, but fight like little biaaatches.

* HBO’s Influence Over Boxing- I hate the way HBO has been allowed to dictate to fighters, promoters and sanctioing bodies. Imagine FOX telling the NFL that the Cardinals aren’t allowed to be in the Super Bowl! I just don’t trust HBO…After all, this is the network that built-up the best series ever, The Sopranos, and ended its run with the lamest ending ever!

* Every Boxing Forum, except The BTBC’s (http://www.btbc.proboards.com/) and every Boxing Blog except this one and the BTBC…Boxing With a Bite! (http://www.btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/. Ok, will you get off my back now, Paul?

Well, my time is up here and I must be on my way. Cold drinks and warm ladies await.

Until next Sunday.

Monthly Awards- April ’09

Consider me a cop-out, but there were 3 fighters who were each so deserving of the prize of “Fighter of the Month” that I decided to name all 3 as co-FOM…

Fighter(s) of the Month:williams-wright

Paul Williams– Williams added the biggest notch on his belt- and the first sure Hall of Famer to his resume- by beating Winky Wright. Not only was it a dominant, near-shutout, but it was at 160 lbs. This gives “The Punisher” world-class victories over reigning champs in 3 weight divisions: 147, 154 and 160. By the way, he’s done this within a 10-month period.froch1

Carl Froch– “The Cobra” started off his reign by doing something that it took predecessor Joe Calzaghe almost 15 years to do- travel to America to risk his title against a legitimate title threat. For a good chunk of the fight, Froch seemed to be out-classed by ex-160 lb. champ, Jermain Taylor, but old-fashioned toughness and persistence won out in the end and, trailing on two of the judges’ scorecards, he knocked Taylor out with second remaining.

Brian Viloria– At one time considered a top prospect and classy world champ, a couple of tough losses sent viloria3712Viloria into such a tailspin that nobody in their right mind was giving him much of a chance against long-reigning IBF Jr. Flyweight champ, Ulises Solis. Viloria didn’t win easily and Solis didn’t go down without a major fight, but somehow, some way, “Hawaiian Punch” once again found the inner drive to push onward and he KO’d Solis in the 11th, in front of a packed pro-Viloria card in Manila, the Philippines.

Bum of the Month:

James Kirkland– A month ago, Kirkland was in the above category of “Fighter of the Month” with his savage 83633925MW028_Hatton_v_Malidomination of Joel Julio. My, what a difference 30 days can make!

Kirkland was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm this month. And, since he was already on parole for an armed robbery conviction, this offense will likely see him going back to prison and maybe serving a fairly long sentence.

Not only is this frustrating to his fans who wanted to see his steady climb up the rankings, but it also literally takes the food off the table for much-deserving trainer, Ann Wolfe, and everyone else on his team.

For being another young athlete acting stupid and throwing away a prime chunk of his career, Jame Kirkland is April’s Bum of the Month.

The BTBC Thread of the Month:

Cotto vs. Pacquiao in November?

http://www.btbc.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=1091      blue corner1

Pacquiao talk…Cotto talk…Fights galore between board members…Even some video game talk…Pure entertainment!


By the way, if you haven’t checked it out yet, give our new blog a look: The BTBC…Boxing with Bite! It’s a comprehensive boxing news blog with an irreverent, edgy twist: http://www.btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/

The Standing 8 Count (4/26/09)

by Madcow

Ahhhh….There’s nothing like a week off to really make a man feel at ease with the world. I was feeling a little guilty at madcow112first, but then I thought to myself, “Hey! You ain’t getting paid!” That made me feel a lot better.

Is there anyone who gets knocked out better than Jermain Taylor? I mean, look at his face and his body when he gets whooped! He gets this blank look in his eyes and his body crumples like one of my used kleenex. Now, there’s a man who has the decency to look whooped when he was whooped.

Congratulations to Carl Froch who followed the perfect strategy for beating “The Head of Block from Little Rock”: Throw punches and wait until Taylor gets tired and starts running into them. But, sorry, “Cobra,” you are still not “worthy” of a fight with Joe Calzaghe. It’ll take 10 more years and a loss to Sven Ottke to qualify you for “Super” Joe.

This Just In: Juan Manuel Lopez has just broken into Gerry Penalosa‘s house and his beating the Filipino up at his dinner table… And Penalosa still won’t go down!

Gerry Penalosa is a freaking robot. I’ve never seen anyone outside of a Friday the 13th movie take so much punishment and still keep coming forward.

Penalosa’s toughness aside, Lopez is a beast and will massacre most of 122 and 126.

Speaking of massacres, Allan Green finally found his mojo and starched Carlos DeLeon Jr. on the undercard of Froch/Taylor. This is the first time I’ve seen the potential from Green that so many claimed he had. Where was this version of Green when he “pussed” his way around the ring against Edison Miranda? Maybe the section of colon he had removed? May I suggest a similar ass operation for Andre Ward and Eddie Chambers?

Speaking of ass-work, Cory Spinks is back in the mix at 154 lbs. with his solid win over DeAndre Latimore on Friday. Actually, to be fair to Spinks, this one wasn’t actually all bad. I just have to say, though: Doesn’t Cory Spinks look like the biggest idiot in the world when he does his pre-fight dance thing?

What I want to know is why anyone still sticks with Don King as a promoter? With just about one real card a year, he has at least a half dozen solid fighters just withering on the vine. A 22-year old prospect like Devon Alexander should not have ring rust against a club fighter like he did on Friday’s undercard.

James Kirkland was arrested on gun charges and could likely see prison time for a parole violation. Would it be too much to ask of Ann Wolfe to cut her hair short like Kirkland’s and assume the young phenom’s fight schedule? I mean, gee, Kirkland was doing so well…

So, next week is the big one- Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton. Let me be one of the first to say that, despite the 24/7 shows on HBO and all the hype, this is a mismatch. By the 4th round, Hatton will look like he was eating tomato paste without his hands. Forget all the pro-Hatton reasoning, Ricky doesn’t have a chance in hell. Pacquiao is going to beat him like Reginald Denny got beat in the LA Riots. This one will put the quaint and likeable chap, Hatton, into a much-needed retirement. And if Pacquiao is especially blood-thirsty on the 2nd, this bout will not be suitable for younger, more squeemish viewers. Floyd Mayweather Sr.- Bring a pint of O+ with you.

Apparently, Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s retirement is only going to last about 18 months. Rumblings are strong that “Money” will be coming back on July 18th against Juan Manuel Marquez and I believe them. Now, if it were rumored that he was coming back against a prime, world-class fighter in his own weight class? Then, I wouldn’t believe a word of it.

Ok, gotta run and see if I still have some money in the bank. I have a big vacation coming up. Paul, please remove all Swine Flu patients from the Central Mexico area- especially the zonas de tolerancia.

See ya next week, ladies.

Monthly Awards- March ’09

Fighter of the Month:

James Kirkland– The question about this 154 lb. prospect was always whether his wrecking ball-style offense would be as effective against top-level competition as it was against the fringe contenders and club fighters of the division.kirkland018

On March 7th, in San Jose, California we got the answer as Kirkland took a huge step up against offense-minded Joel Julio and literally battered the Colombian slugger into submission.

Coming into this contest, everyone knew that Julio could be outboxed- His two prior defeats being at the hands of awkward southpaw stylists, Carlos Quintana and Sergiy Dzinziruk. But James Kirkland is as much a stylist as he is a pastry chef and he tore into Julio like he was in a hurry to get to his post-fight interview. Basically, Kirkland fought Julio’s game and beat him at it.

Julio had a few moments where he could’ve turned things around, but the constant aggression from the Austin, Texas native had him fighting off his back foot in retreat the entire time.

Eventually, Julio’s battered body conspired with his battered psyche and the fight was waved off a little past the half-way point.

This win turned Kirkland from exciting prospect to real Top 10 challenger overnight…and it also earned him The BTBC Fighter of the Month award…

Bum of the Month:

Roy Jones Jr.: Some people become Bum of the Month because of some sort of nefarious, underhanded or cowardlyjonesroy act they perpetrate…And some, like Roy Jones Jr., are awarded the prize because they’re just plain delusional.

You can’t blame him for wanting a pleasant ending to a career that, lately, has been going very poorly and, therefore, you can’t blame him for fighting in his hometown of Pensacola. And, yeah, I’ll even  forgive him the selection of Omar Sheika as his opponent despite the fact that Sheika, little more than a high-level club fighter- even in his prime, had lost two of his last three (six of his last ten) and had been very inactive (the Jones fight being only his third in about five years). Heck, I can even understand putting it on PPV, considering that no network would ever think of touching such a farce.

But what earned him the Bum of the Month title was the fact that Jones and his promotional company, Sqaure Ring, didn’t even try to put together a decent undercard to offset the pointless main event.

Instead, we got BJ Flores in a typically tame and mind-numbing performance and, worst of all, we got subjected to three horrid MMA bouts where, literally, nothing happened. The Boxing public had to sit idly by while little men, big and muscular black men, fat guys and biker-types played grab-ass for a crowd that was doing anything but paying attention.

Shame on you, Roy!

And for future reference to any wannabe promoters out there…Don’t ever think of mixing Boxing with MMA again…I don’t buy that they don’t mesh well because they are two different sports; Actually the sports themselves aren’t beyond comparison- But the demograpnics of MMA and Boxing are worlds apart. You’d have just as much luck putting a Greco-Roman Wrestling contest on the Wrestlemania PPV or having The Super Bowl played with Arena Football rules…

The BTBC Thread of the Month:

The BTBC Pound 4 Pound List (This Time For Real!)


The BTBC crew puts together its definitive Pound 4 Pound list and engages in some Wladimir Klitschko and Ivan Calderon debate along the way. For the final BTBC Pound 4 Pound list, check out our YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3t68SGPRmo

The Standing 8 Count (3/15/09)

by Madcow

Ok…Finally! The Madcow is Back!

Why in the world does the BTBC express have to be held up if Magno goes on vacation? I mean, what kind of rinky-dink operation is this? Why can’t there be a Vice President to handle things when the big bossman is away? I’d offer to madcow11take the post myself but power goes to my head and next thing you know, this blog would be dedicated to sex tourism and hangover cures.

But, here’s this week’s column with a couple of notes thrown in from when we were away:

What can I say about my main man, Juan Manuel Marquez? Simply one of the finest technical boxers in the sport and a true credit to his profession. The way he waited out Juan Diaz‘s amateurish Baby Bull Rushes and then began to pick him apart? True perfection.

And make no mistake about it, Marquez is the #1 Pound for Pound fighter in the world. Madcow does not give you permission to put anybody else above him. Manny Pacquiao may have the flashier wins over a Bobble-head looking, Oscar De la Hoya and David “The 3rd best Diaz at 135# Diaz, but Marquez, in his last two, has KO’d the lineal Lightweight champ, Joel Casamayor and a top 3 Lightweight, Juan Diaz- making both fighters suffer the first KO loss of their careers. And we all know who really won when Manny and Juan Manuel fought, right…Marquez won on every scorecard but the 3 at ringside…Case Closed. Juan Manuel Marquez is the #1 Pound for Pound fighter in the world.

Chris John got screwed against Rocky Juarez and I don’t feel bad at all. Consider it payback for John’s countrymen screwing Juan Manuel Marquez awhile back.

James Kirkland may be a brute who makes Chris Arreola look like Pernell Whitaker, but you can’t deny the fact that this kid is fun to watch. He can take a punch, give it back to you and will never stop coming forward. It must be harder to fight him than it would be to deliver a singing telegram to his trainer, Ann Wolfe.

And speaking of Ms. Wolfe- Ann, if your reading this, you’re looking awful tense, baby. Maybe you’d like a therapeutic back rub. You know, the kind with the happy ending? Don’t fight it. This Madcow can be real gentle…We’ll send Pops to the Piggly Wiggly and while young Kirkland is playing with his Legos, we can excuse ourselves to the boudoir, put on some vintage Barry White and be who God intended us to be. Just think about, ok? You can get ahold of me through the Boxingtimes website…

Next week we’re going to be treated to a rare ESPN2, Saturday afternoon fight for the WBC Heavyweight championship of the world with Vitali Klitschko vs. Juan Carlos Gomez. Ok, just to encourage future shows on free TV, I’ll pretend that I’m giddy about this and that this fight won’t be about as intriguing as getting an oil change on a Saturday afternoon.

A fight that will be intriguing is the rumored bout between Tomasz Ademek and Bernard Hopkins. Hopkins is the master and I know that one day he’ll really look his age, but it won’t be against the slow-footed Adamek. B-Hop is going to smoke the Pole.

Speaking of Smoking the Pole…Ann, baby, I wasn’t kidding. Give me a holler.

With Amir Khan‘s win over a fleshy, bloody and aged Marco Antonio Barrera Khan retuns to where he was before he got knocked goofy by Breidis Prescott. He goes right back to being a brittle-chinned hype job. Amir, ol’ chap, save your money.

Speaking of crisp-chinned UK hype jobs, David Haye’s bout with Wladimir Klitschko has been on again-off again more than Michael Jackson’s nose. Haye should take this as a sign and go back to fighting Cruiserweights, who only occasionally turn his legs to jelly.

Ok, That’s enough for now. Magno, I will be in your neck of the woods around the first week of May. Just warning you. Start chilling the Coronas and warming up the chicas.

Come back next week for more ramblings, insults and slanders.