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Madcow’s Standing 8 Count (6/29/09)

by Madcow

Aside from actually being written, this week’s column will be a little different.

Last week, as you all know, Michael Jackson died. I have had a special relationship throughout my life with madcow11Jackson. No, I never got to visit Neverland ranch as a child and I was never able to share a can of Jesus Juice with the “one-gloved-one.”

My connection with Jackson isn’t even about music. Actually, I’m luke warm to his talents.

No. My link with Jackson goes directly through Lori C, Madcow’s first love and a very fine looking High School Junior with bubble gum lip gloss and a teddy bear backpack.

I had taken “Ms. C” to the Junior Prom and, to spare all the details, that was the night your favorite bovine became a man.

On the way home, I turned on the radio in my clunker in absolute glee and the first song on the radio was “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. Not my type of music, but on that particular night, it was the greatest song I had ever heard.

So, this column is dedicated to Michael Jackson, “Billie Jean,” and beautiful Lori C, who was more woman at 17 than all 3 of my wives put together. But enough with this sappy crap.

In a “Thriller,” Marcos Maidana overcame knockdowns and all obstacles to force Victor Ortiz into submission. Now, after an embarrassing quit job and a non-fighter-like post-fight interview, Ortiz has to seriously take a look at the “Man in the Mirror” and decide if he really wants to continue fighting or if he just wants to “Beat It.

Smooth Criminal,” Oscar De la Hoya desperately tried to spin Ortiz’s quit job into something quite the opposite, but nobody is buying it. Overall, it hasn’t been a good time to be a Golden Boy prospect. Abner Mares split, Ortiz was just crushed and “King of Pop,” James Kirkland is eating bologna and mayonaise sandwiches behind bars.

Remember the Time” when PPV dates were reserved for only the elite fights, the best of the best? The Latin Fury show this Saturday was just, plain “Bad.” I would like to run into the chump who paid 35 bucks to see this suck-fest so I can sell him some bumper car tickets at Neverland Ranch. Wake me up when Juanma Lopez starts fighting someone with a pulse.

Arthur Abraham defended his title against some guy named Oral on Showtime Saturday. I’m sorry, but the only thing I’m watching with the name “Oral” on it is a PPV movie from The Spice Channel.

Everything else this Summer has been a big let-down. Cancelled or postponed fights, combined with weak matchups. Boxing is in a serious “Jam” and needs to fix things fast or, maybe next year, there won’t be anyone buying these shows for broadcast.

Well, seeing that its been a slow news Summer and that I’ve exhausted my Michael Jackson references, I think I’ll end this special edition of Madcow’s Standing 8 Count.

Besides, I’ve just called the escort service and told them to send their best; Doesn’t matter if they’re “Black or White,” I just “Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’.” Now, “Leave Me Alone.”

RIP Michael


Kelly Pavlik: Anatomy of a Fallen Star

by Paul Magno

Buried among the Pacquiao-Cotto-Mayweather headlines is the sad story of Kelly Pavlik and his decision to check pavlik shadowinto an alcohol rehabilitation center yesterday.

This piece of news is a fittingly sad ending to Pavlik’s wild 2-year ride from unknown Ohio toughman to unlikely world champion superstar to inactive and demoralized divisional “also ran.”

The Youngstown, Ohio native achieved his fame the old fashioned way: By fighting hard, fighting often and slowly working his way into the public eye.

Pavlik fought on every undercard imaginable- From Mexican fight cards on Telemundo to ESPN undercards to local televised boxing shows where there were probably more people at the live event than watching on TV. Wherever there was a show, Kelly Pavlik was willing to fight.

So, by the time he fought his way up to his first title eliminator bout against Edison Miranda on HBO, most hardcore fight fans had seen Pavlik at least a couple of times and were aware that this was a gutsy, blue collar fighter who came to hit hard and knock his opponents out.

“The Ghost” took the fight to the back alley brawler, Miranda, and eventually beat the tough Colombian down in an exciting encounter which stood out glowingly next to that card’s lackluster main event of Jermain Taylor vs. Cory Spinks.

Pavlik’s next fight was the high point of his career as he battled back from a hard knock down in the second round and went on to grab the WBO and WBC Middleweight Titles from Taylor via seventh round TKO.

Next came the career mismanagement that would cost Pavlik his undefeated record, his status as an upcoming superstar and, quite possibly, his very peace of mind.

Bob Arum and Top Rank, Pavlik’s promotional company, immediately took their developing star and put him on PPV in a non-title rematch against Jermain Taylor at Super Middleweight. The event sold moderately well, but it was not the move of someone looking after the long-term career success of their new star. Other than another notch on his record and a nice payday, Pavlik got very little from this bout that played out in front of a fraction of the audience that would’ve been available to him on HBO.

Next, came a mandatory defense against WBO #1 challenger, the hapless, Gary Lockett. Kelly disposed of the Brit in three lopsided rounds that did little to endear him to HBO fans who were looking to see their new hero in yet another war.

Then came one of the worst decisions ever made by a management team regarding a young, rising star. They decided to accept the challenge of the 43-year old legend, Bernard Hopkins.

“The Executioner” Hopkins was famous for taking fighters and literally turning them to mush by negating every weapon in their arsenal. Even in defeat, the veteran always managed to nullify his opponents’ best weapons and make them look horrible. Nobody since a prime Roy Jones Jr. in 1993 has looked good against Hopkins. Not only was the relatively one-dimensional Pavlik signed to fight the old pro, but he would do so at a catchweight of 170 lbs., two weight classes and ten pounds above his normal fighting weight.

By now everyone knows what happened: Hopkins twisted the kid up and schooled him over 12 one-sided rounds. And to add insult to injury, the PPVshow was a total bust and didn’t even reach 200,000 buys.

So, with a bruised ego and a refusal from HBO to air his next bout (another mandatory defense of the 160 lb. crown against Marco Antonio Rubio), Pavlik once again went to PPVin another poorly-received event that saw him share the bill with another rebounding star, Miguel Cotto.

Since then, his bout against The Contender’s Season One winner, Sergio Mora, originally proposed for the 27th of June, was postponed due to a staph infection, but very well could’ve been postponed due to Pavlik’s growing personal problems or the poor early reception of Sergio Mora as an opponent.

In about a period of two years, Pavlik has run the full gamut of boxing highs and lows.

Before the ill-conceived Hopkins bout, one could point to Pavlik’s career as an example of how careers used to be built; of how a career should be built. Pavlik’s rise to stardom was based on Free TV exposure against a wide range of opponents and packaged around a hard-working, likeable kid from a blue collar town that should not be producing stars.

Somewhere along the way, greed got mixed into the equation and Top Rank/Team Pavlik opted for the quick buck rather than the slow, but steady rise to superstardomthat would’ve resulted from increased exposure on “free” HBO.

Lost in the mix was a kid in his mid-20’s dealing with sudden stardom and immediate demoralization- all over the course of twenty four short months.

“The Ghost” is a fighter in every sense of the word, so there’s no doubt that he will be back.

But before Kelly Pavlik can regain his boxing mojo, he’ll have to fight the fight of his life, against the toughest opponent imagineable…himself.

Floyd Mayweather Jr: Master of Space and Time?

by Paul Magno

For the critics of Floyd Mayweather Jr., there seems to be no middle-ground; No possibility whatsoever that may-hatwhat they say and what they’ve heard is not the absolute gospel.

Mayweather ducked all the best fighters at Welterweight…and that’s the end of the conversation for them.

They point to names like Cotto, Mosley and Margarito and then point to Mayweather’s ring record. “He fought none of them! None of the best Welterweights of today!”

But when we look deeper and dig a little further we begin to see the holes in their arguments.

The timelines don’t match up and for Mayweather to have truly fought the list of fighters he allegedly ducked, it would’ve required him to do some time-bending that would put to shame anything ever written by H.G. Wells.

Floyd Mayweather is an outstanding fighter, but he is most definitely no match for the space-time continuum.

So, timeline and ring records in hand, I’m going to run through the list of fighters that Mayweather is accused of ducking and demonstrate how things aren’t always as they appear to be and that perception sometimes overrides reality.

I intend to show that the fighters in question were, for the most part, fringe players when Mayweather was active and, therefore, not even worthy of a fight, much less fearsome enough to be ducked.

I’ll cover the portion of his career from April of 2006, as Mayweather prepared to fight Zab Judah in his first major bout at Welterweight until his official retirement after the Ricky Hatton bout in December of 2007.

Antonio Margarito

 The tale of Mayweather ducking Margarito has been passed down from message board to message board and margarito2from blog to blog, but it has very little validity when examined.

When Mayweather was about to fight Judah, Margarito was just coming off a fourteen month layoff and had just defended his WBO title against dubious challenger, Manuel Gomez.

Margarito would go on to take another ten month hiatus before fighting an, at the time, unknown Joshua Clottey. Margarito was being outclassed early on until Clottey suffered injuries to his hands and had to spend the last two-thirds of the bout just surviving. It was hardly a star-making performance by “The Tijuana Tornado.”

Margarito would follow the Clottey win with a loss to Paul Williams followed by a comeback blow-out against journeyman Golden Johnson.

Margarito’s popularity and credibility as a top challenger wouldn’t spike until his win over Miguel Cotto- about 8 months after Mayweather’s retirement.

While Mayweather was chasing the lineal 147 lb. championship and beating Ring Magazine’s #1 and #2 ranked Welterweights at the time, Margarito was well in the background as an inactive fringe champion who was only known among a relative few hardcore fans and had yet to set himself apart.

Shane Mosley

The ducking of “Sugar Shane” accusation is a relative new one, but let’s examine the time line of this one as well.Margarito Mosley Boxing

When Mayweather was staking his claim in the division, Mosley was one division to the North at 154 going toe-to-toe with Fernando Vargas in a pair of bouts.

Mosley then came down to 147 where he had a very impressive performance against Luis Collazo.

However, a month before Mayweather’s retirement, Mosley would lose a close unanimous decision to Miguel Cotto.

In reality, Mayweather and Mosley only shared the division for about ten months- a period of time that saw Mosley win one and lose one.

This hardly established a burning case for a Mayweather-Mosley showdown.

Paul Williams

Frankly put, Williams and Mayweather only shared a prominent role in the Welterweight williamsXdivision for about five months, between his win over Margarito and his stunning upset loss to Carlos Quintana.

Mayweather could’ve rushed in and forced a fight with the tall, awkward southpaw, but nobody was rushing to fight Williams and the upset loss effectively cut him from the picture for the time being.

Miguel Cotto

Cotto wasn’t even in the same division as Mayweather until a month after Mayweather became the lineal world CottoXchamp by outclassing Baldomir. That adds up to about a year where both fighters were even in the same division.

Cotto earned his spot at the top of 147 by beating Judah and Mosley in exciting, well-attended, but ultimately disappointing PPV shows.

Mayweather, in almost direct point/counterpoint was busy taking part in the biggest PPV of all-time (vs. Oscar de la Hoya) and a near-million seller (vs. Hatton).

By the time Cotto had established himself as a player at Welterweight, Mayweather already had plans to get out while still young.

Could Mayweather have turned down the Oscar and Hatton fights to have it out with Cotto? Of course…but what fighters in history would turn down 20 million dollar checks and mega-events in favor of a third of the money and one-eighth the publicity?

Final Analysis

When looking back on Mayweather’s recent career, we have to be careful to put things into their proper perspective and clearly analyze what went down- not with the negative benefit of hindsight, but with the ability to fairly see things as they were.

When Mayweather first moved up to Welterweight, he called out a Zab Judah who had just ripped Cory Spinks to shreds and was ranked on many pound-for-pound lists. Judah was, far and away, the consensus #1 Welterweight in the world.

Judah ended up being upset by Carlos Baldomir and the the Argentinian became lineal champ.

Mayweather beat Judah first and then went after Baldomir to complete his sweep of Ring Magazine’s top two mayweather2arated Welters- Regardless of what would later on happen to the careers of the two Mayweather victims, they were considered the top 2 at the time.

Then, the real public relations problems began for Mayweather.

The newly-crowned lineal champ cashed in on his growing fame by opting for a huge money fight against De la Hoya; A fight that everyone from 140 to 154 would gladly have taken instead of a mandatory defense for a fraction of the money.

The Hatton fight followed. Another blockbuster payday for a fighter just starting to make the mega-bucks of some of the other stars of the sport.

If Mayweather’s guilty of anything it’s trying to cash in on a lifetime of hard work in order to secure his financial future after retirement.

This is a crime that, in my opinion, is 100% forgivable in a sport that is famous for not taking care of its own after they cease to be vital.

Mayweather could’ve insisted on fighting relative unknowns for fractions of what he could’ve made elsewhere, but what fighter given the same circumstances would do that? Right…none.

So, while the name Floyd Mayweather may have a visceral effect in your belly and cause you to explode in a rage of self-righteous condemnation, I ask you to think.

Are the timelines matched-up properly?

Is it fair to ask a fighter to give up his biggest paydays in favor of bouts with your personal favorites?

Is it intellectually honest to expect a 2006 Floyd Mayweather to beat 2009’s best Welterweights?

Step aside from the hyperbole and mob mentality when it comes to Floyd and put some serious analysis behind the rhetoric.

We are unfairly putting Mayweather into the no-win situation of having to defend himself against allegations of ducking the best; Not the best fighters of his time, because he did beat them, but the fighters that would eventually go on to be the best welterweights nearly three years later.

Mayweather can do a lot of things, but time travel is not one of them.

Madcow’s Standing 8 Count (5/17/09)

by Madcow

Hello Everyone! It’s another edition of Madcow’s Standing 8 Count featuring James Kirkland’s least favorite madcow11shooting buddy, Me! I wonder why Kirkland hasn’t been on the range lately?

To say that this week has been a slow news week is like saying that your beloved Madcow likes his Jack and Water cold and strong…Duh! Other than Andre Ward finally acting like a real prospect and Edison Miranda quickly working his way back to eating roadkill, almost nothing of note has been happening.

So, rather than fill the rest of this column with filler about Mayweather-Marquez-Pacquiao and played-out debates on who’s better, I thought I’d take this opportunity to let everyone know what I absolutely hate about the sport of Boxing.

Here’s my list (in no particular order):

* Manny Pacquiao’s Fans (Especially the Filipino Fans)- I understand national pride- I felt the same way when the USA passed Mexico on the Swine Flu “Most Infected” list, but these Pac-fans are too much. In the past weeks I’ve read stories about Manny “easily” beating everyone from Cotto to Hopkins to Klitschko. Hell, at the Pac-land Forum, they aren’t debating about “whether” Manny can beat Mayweather, they’re debating about in which round he’ll knock Floyd out! Pacquiao is a great fighter, no doubt, but his fans need to bring things back to reality…Manny can’t beat the entire Indonesian Coast Guard and he probably would fare too well against the Nazi War Machine of World War II, either.

* Mayweather’s Mouth- If PBF could trash talk in an intelligent manner, I wouldn’t have a problem, but he sounds downright retarded sometimes and totally oblivious to the criticisms that come his way. So, Mayweather will go on and on about how a good little man will never beat a good big man despite the fact that critics are all over him for fighting Juan Manuel Marquez and, duh, Mayweather, himself, chose to fight the little man.

* Fighters from The Contender- Take a bunch of club fighters, slap them on TV and send them out into the real world with an inflated sense of self-importance and a mess of undeserved publicity. The result is crappy fighters in crappy fights wasting precious TV time that could be going to a legit class fighter.

* Catchweight fights- For crissake, fight in your own division and when you kill everyone around, then move up! If God had intended Juan Manuel Marquez to weight 147 lbs., he would’ve given the guy a shoe size larger than single-digits.

* Strawweights- Any athlete weighing less than 105 lbs should be either on top of a horse or wearing a mask in Mexican Lucha Libre.

* Overweight Heavyweights- Any 200+ lb. athlete with rolls of fat around his belly should be wearing face paint or an Indian headdress and wrestling in the WWE.

* Interim titles, “Regular” Champs, “Super” Champs- Either you’re champ or you’re not, no in-betweens. That’s why I respect the BTBC World Rankings- They don ‘t recognize any of that BS. Being an Interim or Regular Champ is like saying that you’re just “a little” gay…No, it doesn’t work like that. You’re either a champ or a challenger…

* The Mora-Spinks Syndrome- Fighters, like Sergio Mora and Cory Spinks, who talk tough and walk to the ring with a swagger, but fight like little biaaatches.

* HBO’s Influence Over Boxing- I hate the way HBO has been allowed to dictate to fighters, promoters and sanctioing bodies. Imagine FOX telling the NFL that the Cardinals aren’t allowed to be in the Super Bowl! I just don’t trust HBO…After all, this is the network that built-up the best series ever, The Sopranos, and ended its run with the lamest ending ever!

* Every Boxing Forum, except The BTBC’s (http://www.btbc.proboards.com/) and every Boxing Blog except this one and the BTBC…Boxing With a Bite! (http://www.btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/. Ok, will you get off my back now, Paul?

Well, my time is up here and I must be on my way. Cold drinks and warm ladies await.

Until next Sunday.

The BTBC…Boxing With a Bite! (A Review of our First Two Weeks)

When we launched our new Boxing news blog a couple of weeks ago ( http://btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/ ) ,we fully expected a major battle to earn a small piece of the already packed market.

We can’t fully compete with the big boys like Boxingscene or Maxboxing just yet- they simply have too much money and power to be touched. But, like a privately-owned burger joint that sits across the street from a mighty McDonalds, we are confident that we have the quality and personal touch that the industry giants can’t duplicate.

At our BTBC Boxing News Blog, you will get an approach and a look at the sport that is 100% unique. Despite having 1/1,000,000 the budget of a Maxboxing, we can guarantee that no major Boxing story will be overlooked and that we will cater to all the essential needs of both hardcore and casual fans alike.

Give us a look, subscribe and use us right now as a compliment to your primary Boxing news source, but be aware that we’re gunning for the big boys’ heads and we ain’t stopping until we’re at the very top!

Here’s a sampling of some of our stories from the last 2 weeks:

A Pop Diva, A White Buffalo, A Dancing Hide, Petrified Woods and Some Guy Named Byron…


Proving once again that Boxing is either the most forgiving or the most severely retarded sport in the world, here’s a news roundup concerning some familiar names:

…Pop Diva, Roy Jones…Click Here for the Rest of the Story: http://btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/2009/05/pop-diva-white-buffalo-dancing-hide.html


The First Rule of Fight Club…Don’t Invite Mike Tyson!


According to dirt-rag gossip site, Ianundercover.com, mega step-dad and star of The Fight Club, Brad Pitt, was nearly offed by enraged Heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson because of Pitt’s relationship with Tyson’s ex, Robin Givens. According to a pal of Tyson’s, the goofed-up ex-champ went as far as…Click Here for the Rest of the Story: http://btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/2009/05/first-rule-of-fight-clubdont-invite.html


Yet Another Title Shot for Zab Judah?


Boxingscene.com is reporting on a rumor that would have Boxing’s answer to the Washington Generals, Zab Judah, on the verge of getting yet another shot at a World Title. Click Here for the Rest of the Story: http://btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/2009/05/yet-another-title-shot-for-zab-judah.html


Kelly Pavlik vs. Sergio Mora Off!


The un-awaited Middleweight title bout between Kelly Pavlik and Sergio Mora was called off today due to a staph infection on one of Pavlik’s hands [see above pic of painfully swollen hands]. The bout will likely be rescheduled for some time in September…or, hopefully, not. Click Here for the Rest of the Story: http://btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/2009/05/kelly-pavlik-sergiomora-off.html

Freddie Fingers Mayweather


Trainer Freddie Roach on the upcoming Floyd Mayweather-Juan Manuel Marquez bout:

“The fight stinks…Click Here for the Rest of the Story: http://btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/2009/05/freddie-fingers-mayweather.html

Paq-man Fever Post of the Week


The BTBC is proud to announce a new feature to this blog: The Paq-man Fever Post of the Week. Special thanks to the Pac-land message board for providing the rest of the world with so much material!

“Floyd will be lucky…Click Here for the Rest of the Story: http://btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/2009/05/paq-man-fever-post-of-week.html


Crisis Averted! Camacho-Campas is Back On!


Phew! After the Jersey Commission refused to sanction the bout, we almost didn’t get to see the Macho great grandfather and the 37-year old Boy mix it up on Pay Per View…Click Here for the Rest of the Story: http://btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/2009/05/crisis-averted-camacho-campas-is-back.html


That’s just a taste of what to expect at our Boxing News Blog. Regular features include: The BTBC “What if” Series, Up to-Date and Up-to-the-Minute Results from around the Globe, Ring Card Girl of the Day and much, much more…

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Monthly Awards- April ’09

Consider me a cop-out, but there were 3 fighters who were each so deserving of the prize of “Fighter of the Month” that I decided to name all 3 as co-FOM…

Fighter(s) of the Month:williams-wright

Paul Williams– Williams added the biggest notch on his belt- and the first sure Hall of Famer to his resume- by beating Winky Wright. Not only was it a dominant, near-shutout, but it was at 160 lbs. This gives “The Punisher” world-class victories over reigning champs in 3 weight divisions: 147, 154 and 160. By the way, he’s done this within a 10-month period.froch1

Carl Froch– “The Cobra” started off his reign by doing something that it took predecessor Joe Calzaghe almost 15 years to do- travel to America to risk his title against a legitimate title threat. For a good chunk of the fight, Froch seemed to be out-classed by ex-160 lb. champ, Jermain Taylor, but old-fashioned toughness and persistence won out in the end and, trailing on two of the judges’ scorecards, he knocked Taylor out with second remaining.

Brian Viloria– At one time considered a top prospect and classy world champ, a couple of tough losses sent viloria3712Viloria into such a tailspin that nobody in their right mind was giving him much of a chance against long-reigning IBF Jr. Flyweight champ, Ulises Solis. Viloria didn’t win easily and Solis didn’t go down without a major fight, but somehow, some way, “Hawaiian Punch” once again found the inner drive to push onward and he KO’d Solis in the 11th, in front of a packed pro-Viloria card in Manila, the Philippines.

Bum of the Month:

James Kirkland– A month ago, Kirkland was in the above category of “Fighter of the Month” with his savage 83633925MW028_Hatton_v_Malidomination of Joel Julio. My, what a difference 30 days can make!

Kirkland was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm this month. And, since he was already on parole for an armed robbery conviction, this offense will likely see him going back to prison and maybe serving a fairly long sentence.

Not only is this frustrating to his fans who wanted to see his steady climb up the rankings, but it also literally takes the food off the table for much-deserving trainer, Ann Wolfe, and everyone else on his team.

For being another young athlete acting stupid and throwing away a prime chunk of his career, Jame Kirkland is April’s Bum of the Month.

The BTBC Thread of the Month:

Cotto vs. Pacquiao in November?

http://www.btbc.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=1091      blue corner1

Pacquiao talk…Cotto talk…Fights galore between board members…Even some video game talk…Pure entertainment!


By the way, if you haven’t checked it out yet, give our new blog a look: The BTBC…Boxing with Bite! It’s a comprehensive boxing news blog with an irreverent, edgy twist: http://www.btbc-boxing.blogspot.com/

Ricky Hatton: A question of desire? Or unfinished business?

by Simon Garner

I’ve heard many people in the UK calling for Ricky Hatton to retire: from Johnny Nelson on Sky Sports to ITV’s Loose Women (for all the American’s reading, its kinda like the UK equivalent of The View – i.e. shit).

However, I am not one of them. For those who can bear to read my posts on the BTBC forum, you will know, despite ricky-hatton280x390being a true Brit, I am not a huge admirer of the Hitman.

On the other hand, no one can say that he has not done a lot with his fairly limited abilities. He has achieved a lot of things in his career such as becoming a two weight world champion and being the man that retired Kosta Tszyu. The only goal he failed at was becoming the pound-for-pound king and that’s not exactly the worst criticism in the world.

Yet, for those who have tuned to the acclaimed HBO series Pacquiao-Hatton 24/7, will know of Ricky Hatton’s desire to be seen as the best in the world. And the fact that he has been defeated on two occasions has to have taken a huge toll on his ego, not just as a boxer, but as a man.

With the Mayweather fight raking in PPV numbers of $850,000 and rumours of the Pacquiao fight being as high as $2,000,000 (!?!?!), Ricky is a box-office star, no doubt about it. Therefore, the only question I have is, would he fight on, knowing that he will more likely than not, never be involved in an event like this again?

No fighter wants to go out with a defeat, especially in the manor that Ricky did, but the question is, does he have other options? Who is out there?

After the beating he took from the Pacman, I doubt PPV numbers for his fights will be in such high demand anymore. Talks of facing Juan-Manuel Marquez are surely dead in the water now, and the only big names around, such as Shane Mosley and the returning Pretty Boy Floyd, would eat him for breakfast.

Ricky needs to be realistic, because I believe there are still some goals out there for him to achieve. Yeah, he didn’t become pound-for-pound king, but who can SERIOUSLY claim to have held that title in the last 20 years? 4, maybe 5 fighters who are dead-cert Hall-of-Fame fighters.

The talent pool at 140lb isn’t brilliant in my opinion and the hitman could give the likes of Bradley and Holt a good run for their money and he’s already beaten IBF Champ Juan Urango. There is definitely a chance to unify the divisions. Failing that, he could always have a bash at a UK Superfight with either Junior Witter or Amir Khan – both are sure to draw huge UK crowds.

 mannyrickyweighinA serious problem with this, contrary to news we hear from the Hatton camp, may be the weight. For anyone who saw the weigh-in for the Pacquiao fight, Ricky Hatton looked like skeletor. Yes you could see his Muscles but you call also see his ribs and his beaten internal organs. In contrast with the incomparable Pacman, who looked like someone who had been computer generated or chiseled from stone.

He claims he can still make the weight easily, but I’m not so sure. If he can, he has many options and the chance at unifying the division. If not, he’ll get eaten alive by those at 147lb. As we saw against Mayweather, a close decision win against a fairly average Luis Collazo and even a small 140lb’er in Manny Pacquiao. If he can’t out muscle his opponent, what chance has he got?

If he does call it a day, Ricky “Hitman” Hatton has been a great servant to British boxing, fighting at the highest level and on the grandest stages of them all, and I for one, wish him all the best in whatever he does next.